Friday Letters

Friday, May 17, 2013
Dear Friday, So happy you are here! Scott is home today and took Jackson to school. Yea!! We plan on taking the day pretty easy but we do have some grocery shopping to do. Happy Happy that the weekend is here! Dear Fugly, I am so happy they are spoiling you rotten! I knew you would do well there. I can’t wait to get pictures of you growing up. Thank you for loving me… I love you too. Dear Brittany, I am sorry you and your father are not getting along right now. You do need to clean up your room like he says. You will be heading here soon so cheer up! Dear Sleep, you have a mind of your own but you totally suck ass. I seriously think I need to head back to the Dr. to get help with you. Maybe another sleep study.. maybe more meds..who knows but I hate not sleeping well and always waking up feeling like shit. Thanks a lot. Dear Jodi Arias, I have no idea if you will ever truly understand the impact of your actions. You have really destroyed lives and now your about to pay with your life. Was it really worth it? You really should get up Monday and ask for forgiveness.Dear Jackson, You had better have a good day at school. You only have a few weeks left. I don’t think its too much to ask you to stay out of trouble. I love you.. do good so you don’t get into trouble!Dear Desk, I think you grow when I am sleeping. You just keep piling up with mail, bills, boxes…stop it.  Dear Mom, Thank you so much for coming and watching the kids while we go get Zane. I know planning everything last night wasn’t easy.. Tell Don Thank you! I love you and can’t wait to see you.Dear New House, I just want you to show up. Scott thinks we might have found you already. I just want out of this house asap.. Show up already!Dear American Idol, I thought the show last night was really good. I am really happy Candice Glover won last night. She is amazing and I think she will be a huge star.  Dear Scott,  I hope we have a great day together. Thank you for getting up and taking Jackson to school. Come crawl in bed with me when you get back. Dear Bloggy Friends, I have found some great blogs to sponsor this month. I’ll tell you all about them really soon! Blogging is such a wonderful world. I love you guys! Happy Friday!

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