Five Question Friday!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Happy Friday Friends. I am so glad we are almost to the weekend! I am linking back up today with My Little Life for five question friday! 

Hope you enjoy! 

1. What's the one personal hygiene thing you will not do in front of your spouse?

Two things.. Going to the bathroom ( I will pee in front of him but that's it!!! )  And waxing. I do a lot of my own waxing and for some reason I find it very private and lock the bathroom door every time!

2. What's your favorite thing about a newborn?

I know everyone is saying the smell.. and I agree, a newborn smell is sweet.. everyone little baby has it...but I think its also so sweet to hold them while nursing ( with a bottle or breast feeding ). There is something so pure about swaddling a baby during a feeding. 

3. When is "too young" to have a Facebook account?

I might get lit up for this question. My daughter has had a facebook account since she was 8 years old. Yes, I know you are suppose to be 13 years old according to fb BUT...Brittany lives with her father and I love using facebook as just another way to have contact. I am the one who set it up.. I have everything being sent to my phone from her emails to pictures.. and I stalk it all the time. But she has got in trouble once or twice and right now she is grounded off facebook. ): And honestly, she never gets in trouble..but I wanted her know how serious I am about her online manners. 

To the left is her profile picture and below is her cover photo

I don't know if I would have allowed this if she wasn't living out of state. I find it's a lot of work to keep up with what she is writing, posting, everything that is coming in but I also believe it should be case by case. Brittany also has a smartphone too.. For her age, she is very mature but that doesn't mean I don't worry. I think anymore kids are getting on social media a lot sooner than expected. Its not just facebook.. Brittany tweets, and instagrams. Its kinda opened the door to have some hard discussions which I think she has learned from. I actually had a debate with a family friend a while back because she said she never wants a picture of her child on the internet because of all the bad things that can happen. I totally respect that decision but in my home, we take a lot of pictures that get posted online. I have never had any kind of problem ( knock on wood ) but I understand the concern. I really think it would be next to impossible to keep a childs picture offline anymore. But I think it should be left up to the parents. My son is 10...I did allow him to have a facebook account because his sister had one but he's never on it. Again their privacy settings are high. 

4. What are your hoping for for Mother's Day?

To sleep in. No breakfast in bed for me. just sleep. Besides that, anything they want to do is fine with me! 

5. What was the best field trip you ever took in school?

Washington was amazing. I went 2 different years. One in private school and one in public. The private school was much much better. We were there for 5 days...saw so much...our hotel was really nice too! I had a great time. I am a history lover and I love politics. I also remember eating a lot of good food...seeing a lot of beautiful sites.. I loved it. I could move there tomorrow! 

Have a great day! 


K Jaggers

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  1. It's always cool to hear about others and know how someone else might relate to you! Angela following from HickoryTrail


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