Thursday, May 16, 2013
Late night hello to you all. Its been kinda a weird day for me..because it didn't really turn out how I had planned. I got up at my normal time, got Jackson to school then came home and got ready to go meet a new kitty buyer. I take off to go meet them.. and they were so nice.. More to come tomorrow about kitty and its new home..so anyway, on the way home I had a few errands to run. I didn't really want to but since I was in that end of town coming back, it only made sense that I just stop along the way. I am in a race to get back to watch the Jodi Arias. Besides  OJ's drama, its only thing on the news. Today they were going to be trying to decide if the way she killed him was cruel. I really wanted to see it so I only ran the couple of errands and raced home. I get here, get the tv on.. I pause it and run back out to the bank and by the Mexican Restaurant to pick up something to eat.. I get back home and the trial is just starting so I eat my yummy lunch  right in front of the tv. 

My lunch really was amazing. I was starving and ate almost all of it. And before I know it.. I am dozing off.. I sleep for a couple of hours, wake up and hop in the shower. In the shower I sit down and the next thing I know, Jackson is waking me up banging on the bathroom door. Holy Shit. He was home from school and I had been sleeping in the shower. I never do that. 

I knew I had to run to CVS so leave again...get what I want and need ( haul coming tomorrow ) and come right back home. Guess what? I fell back to sleep on the couch and woke up to Scott coming home from work. He scared me to death coming in.. yelling my name.. saying he had been calling over and over. Yea.. I just slept the day afternoon and evening away. He didn't get home until after 8pm. I have been up since but I am still really tired. I don't know what got into me but I guess I needed some sleep. I couldn't probably shut the computer right now and be asleep in minutes but I am getting back in the shower because when he startled me.. I jumped up, not realizing I had not rinsed the conditioner out of my hair. SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!...My hair looks awful right now and I want all that conditioner out. To make the day even better.. Jackson got into trouble at school. Both himself and another student are suspended tomorrow for kicking each other. I seriously don't want to bash my kids school but they got things so backwards. They stab each other with forks resulting in bloody arms and nothing happens but let two 10 year old little boys kick each other and they get suspended. Hummmm.. I didn't do much about it. Jackson was kicked 2-3 times first and then kicked back. He should know better than to react but honestly, I understand him doing it. Scott and I talked about it and both of us felt the same way so hes not in that much trouble this time. 

So tomorrow we are both going to be home and I plan on getting things cleaned up around here. I have a lot of blog posts to try to catch up on and I also have to run to the store. So it should be another busy day but I won't be getting up early!!!! Gotta love that! Time for that quick shower.. and bed. 


K Jaggers
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