Exhausted, Tired, Sleepy & Grupmpy

Friday, May 24, 2013

What a looooong day. We left the house at 11am and it just feels like things are back to normal! Well.. I am in bed that is...which feels very good to me...and I am sure it feels good to husby too.

So we went and met this very nice elderly couple. There secretary....and yes, they have a lot of help..told us about the wife have Alzheimer's..  and the husband wasn't in that good of shape after he had a nasty fall down the steps. Well, they were so sweet and nice. They did buy a kitten.. and we ended up spending over 2 hours with them..we really enjoyed being there. I asked to go to the bathroom and his wife walked me around the house 3 times before she remembered where it was. It was kinda strange because I knew we were passing a bathroom but I didn't want to be rude and say something. Then on the 4th go around.. she held out her hand and said..." Here it is! " I acted like I hadn't seen it on the other 3 passes. She had on a ton of jewelry  She had long pretty grey hair..a long black skirt and shirt on.. 2 broaches on her shirt.. 2 big beautiful gold and diamond necklaces...and gold and bracelets jingling around on her wrist. She was really pretty but it made me sad to know that her memory is slipping. However, her husband was sharp as a tact. We had a nice afternoon with them. The kitten really is for the wife. He thinks if she has something to care for and love on.. maybe it will help her in some way. They have no children or grand children and a big old grand house. I hope the baby brings her a lot of love and happiness. 

So this is the kitty we came back with! And he had no problem loving up on Scott on the way home. Can you say spoiled!?

He slept on my lap too till we pulled in the driveway! 

I told Jackson this morning that if we sold a kitten today..then he could pick where we ate dinner. And he picked out.. 

One of his favorite places.. Scott and I both would have preferred Ruby Tuesday or something but it was Jackson's choice! And that chocolate fountain sucks him in every time! 

I think the salad was the best part.. I didn't eat much else except some desserts. yea, I was just too damn tired. 

Jackson went into sugar shock and couldn't stop laughing. It was so cute but I really just wanted him to stop goofing around so we could get home. 

And there was no way we were going to get out of there without loosing money in the crane game. Scott does win a lot but those machines have got a lot of our money over the years! 

We didn't get back from dinner till almost 9pm. And I was ready to collapse on the couch or in a bed. I was getting grumpy and I just wanted things easy and quiet. Instead, I got a big loud ass dog running mad around the house.. and he jumped and cut came down on my heel and cut my foot with his nail. I swear, this is the last big dog. I know I have said it before.. but I'm done with 100lb bouncy hyper dogs. Jackson was juiced up from all the chocolate and coke at dinner that it was almost impossible to get him to finish his homework and take a shower.....he just could stop talking or laughing! The cats wouldn't stop meowing because they were ready for dinner too.. and Scott was running around the house doing all kinds of errands with a new found energy that I never got. Oh yea, the phone started ringing and didn't stop....it was one hell of a night around here. I will be happy tomorrow when things are a little more normal around here. Husby wore me out today. I HATE that Jackson has school tomorrow. I wish I could just keep him home so I can sleep in but I can't do that. But Saturday is coming! So I am going to get some rest and come back tomorrow feeling better! 


K Jaggers

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K Jaggers

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