Come Shopping with Me....[ Shopping/Grocery Haul Video ]

Saturday, May 11, 2013
I embraced the rain tonight to get some  food for the family! (: I actually got soaked. I did some running earlier today but in the late afternoon I got busy planning for the food shopping. If you want to save any kind of money its going to take you planning. I searched the online flyers ( Just find the store you use online and they will have the ad posted! )...I searched the coupons I had and then got busy searching for more coupons online. All together this time I saved about $18 which was nice! I look at it like I got paid $18 for an hour of work. Not too bad if you ask me! 

I kinda took you guys with me.. Hope you enjoy! 

Let me know what you are finding in your local stores! 


K Jaggeres
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