Come House Hunting with Us! [ Video ]

Sunday, May 19, 2013
Today Scott and I went house hunting. Honestly, it isn't an easy job by any means. We have searched online and through the papers...loaded up the gps with addresses and off we went! And if you want to see how our day went.. the video is below! It a bit long so grab a cup of coffee and have a watch! Ohhh I keep saying I like house 1....but it was actually house #2! 

Hope you enjoy! 

And here are the two picks!

I loved this house even though it was a bit older and smaller...Its under 1k a month. 

Husby loved this house and its over 1k a month! But its pretty much the same kind of house we are living in now. I actually think we might get this one because he is scheduling a visit tomorrow and wants to sign a lease immediately. Its vacant too.. so we could move fast if we got it. 

So which one do you like!? 

Hope you have a great night! 

K Jaggers

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2 comments on "Come House Hunting with Us! [ Video ]"
  1. I love them both!! How fun!! I love house hunting! I want to go with you, where is this btw? It reminds me of Washington (very green)! :)

    1. It was South Carolina! I just want to find one and get moved!


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