When in doubt, Have a Food Fight........a mommy post

Sunday, April 14, 2013


Last week I was home cleaning up the house when a phone call comes across my phone from my sons school. You know that moment.. when your stomach drops? It happened before I ever said hello. 

" Mrs Jaggers, this is the principle of Springmore. " 

" Yes " 

" I have Jackson here on speaker phone and he wants to explain what happened at lunch today. "

" Jackson, What Happened?  "

" My table was involved with a food fight. " 

" What exactly did you do? " 

" Austin dared me to throw some food on Kyle  and then it started. "

" What were you thinking Jackson? "

" That's not all mom. "

" We also stabbed each other with forks. " 

" What??? " 

" Have we not talked about using your fork to eat with.. and to practice manners with? "

" Yes " 

" Hows the little boy you stabbed "

" He bled and then had to get a big band aid over it. " 

" What about you? "

" I bled a little but I didn't need a band aid. "

" The other child is fine...the entire table has lunch dentition in the office for the next two days. " 

At this point I was kinda in shock. Jackson has worse punishment for less offenses at this school. 

" He's not suspended? " 

" No.. I talked to all the other students... they were all involved. " 

I told Jackson that he was in trouble when he got home. He then asked how long the xbox was going to be taken away for. Seriously dude?? 

So I hung up.. and called my husband, who was none too happy either. 

Jackson came home about 2 hours later.. as soon as he came in the door.. his eyes teared up. He knew he was in trouble. We had a long talk about what happened. There was no real explanation of why all 5 of them decided to throw food and stab each other but it happened. We have been working really hard on Jackson's manners...and I was totally disappointed that his fork was misused as a weapon than as a tool of sorts. And then the of the food just made it worse. So he had to listen to me ramble on about the thousands of children who don't have food and they are throwing it around like its nothing. He lost the xbox.. he lost all games.. his phone.. but I let him have the tv in the evening hours. Honestly I should have made him read a book instead. I try to see the good side of Jackson all the time and I didn't want to strip him of everything. Then he had to write apology letters.. which he hated. Hopefully he actually delivered them!!! And he is just coming to the point of getting some of his stuff back. 

I feel like saying this is just 

Boys being boys.. 

However, I know that's no reason.. and hopefully Jackson has learned his lesson from this. I hated that he went along with the others and not just sat there. However he told me that when the food hit him.. he had to throw some back. His clothes were all messy!! Thank goodness the forks were plastic or they all probably would have had to get stitches. 

What I have been doing is getting Jackson on the golf course more lately. Honestly.. I want to keep him as busy as possible. 

I love that he gets more time with Scott. Actually I think my husband is turning Jackson into a mini Scott!!! Its good for him to be as involved as possible. 

Here's to a new week.. hopefully its a good one! 


K Jaggers

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  1. omg, I totally understand as my son is a bit of a follower and I am always worried that he is going to get in trouble for doing something that everyone else is doing... Hopefully this is the last food fight he will ever be in!

    1. Its not easy when they just follow along! My son likes to try to be funny..and he has enough bad ideas on his own without following others! I hope your right and this is the last time we have to deal with it! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


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