Weekend in Review { ♥ Husby Birthday Edition ♥ }

Monday, April 29, 2013

Hello friends! I hope you had a wonderful weekend!! OThe start of the day was pretty easy going. It has rained all weekend long. I'm serious.. since Friday its just been pouring down. And guess what!? Its suppose to rain tomorrow too! Thank goodness Jackson doesn't have school tomorrow ( teacher planning day ) otherwise I would have to get out and drive in the storms.. and I almost went off the road the other day due to hydroplaning.. So I am happy to be sleeping in tomorrow! And that's good being its really late and I am working on a weekend blog post! (:

Our weekend started on Friday because it was husbys birthday! He turned 44 years old! (: He took the day off and was home with us all day! 

Scott has some appointment's in the morning but we celebrated with a yummy ( store bought ) 


ice cream cake and presents! 

Jackson and I got him a pair of shoes, clothes, and a few other things. 

We ended up making a big batch of 

Sangria and sat outside in between showers..

and it hit me like a ton of bricks. 

I ended up picking up a bucket of KFC 


which didn't really go with the sangria but we made it work! I loved not having to cook! 

Jackson went to bed and we really enjoyed a quiet night together. I don't know how he didn't wake up with a hangover but he was off to work Saturday Morning and I slept in as late as I could. Honestly, I wish I could have just slept in all day and night because I woke up feeling like SHIT. I was hung over and found myself in a very early bath just trying to get myself feeling better..


          But it didn't work. I felt terrible all day. I just lounged around and waited on Scott to get home Saturday.. 

This is what my hangover looked like. My eyes were so red and I felt awful. The makeup helped but I just wanted to die..I barely even took calls that day. No thanks.. just could do it. 

But I did a little bit of shopping.. 

Here's the video of the haul.. 

And then we took off for husbys birthday dinner at Ruby Tuesdays. 

Where he started celebrating again! I stuck with sweet tea! 

I was starving which is the only reason I left the house..

We ordered up a bunch of food and went to the salad bar. 

Scott got the ribs..

Jackson got a cheeseburger and fries. 

and I got steak and lobster. I couldn't help it.. It was a special and  I needed food! 

Dinner was delicious. However the car ride home seemed to take forever! We got home.. fed the animals.. and we both ended up in bed. 

with the kittys. 

We laid back and watched 

and before I knew it, I was trying to fall asleep to the sound of thunder. The tv was flickering on and off.. so I just turned it off and laid there until I started dreaming. Its amazing how much stuff goes through my head while I am trying to get to sleep. Scott fell right to sleep but I just listed to the rain and eventually I did fall asleep.


I slept sooooooo good.  I had felt bad for days and I totally needed a peaceful nights sleep. I had to lock the kittens up in the my bathroom and I slept great. All of us slept in pretty late today. Jackson got up about 11:45, which is late for him and Scott and I rolled out of the bed about 45 minutes later. I woke up feeling amazing. My body didn't hurt, I didn't feel hung over and I wasn't still tired. Pretty good sign it was going to be a good day! 

 The funny thing waking up was : I woke up to the exact same weather that I went to sleep to.. Rain. and lots of it. Scott and Jackson took off to run errands when I realized that I had to run back out to CVS for a prescription.. so out I went.. and the weather was awful as you can see. I hated it and had to run in the store and I still got drenched.                       

The boys decided to head out to go see..

I decided to skip out on it and stay home. The house needed my attention more than the movie did! 

I did endless amounts of laundry.. 


and this little guy was all about playing but 

couldn't help at all! 

I also worked on a new video.. 

And got dinner in the oven. Actually it went in pretty early 


and cooked all day. It helped warm the house up being the rain had really cooled things off and I just tossed it all in together ( one pot! ) and let it cook all day. We all really liked it and it was prefect for a rainy night dinner! 

I decided that I was going to get comfy and put on some sweats and comfy white socks and lounged around a lot of the evening. I am not one of those girls who can do an Outfit of the Day post because I am normally always in comfort/lounge clothes when I am home..comfort goes a long way with me!

I made some warm tea and 


settled in for a night of tv with Scott. However he fell asleep in the lazy boy. We both came upstairs and  I really thought I was done for the day/night but I came up to take a bath and ended up 

cleaning the entire bathroom. 

And I cleaned my shower head really well too.. and its like kick ass now! 

I used it after I was done and it felt so good on my back. I just used some vinegar to clean it and it worked well to unclog some of the jets. 

Now I am finally in bed again with all my babies.. 

but they can't stay here with me tonight. They will have to go back in the bathroom until I get up tomorrow, otherwise they will keep me up all damn night, morning and afternoon! I love that I can sleep in tomorrow. I feel like its giving me a jump start on the upcoming week. Gotta love teacher planning day! 

Since its suppose to be raining tomorrow, I don't see the point in doing much besides hanging out at home. I do need to go the grocery store but it can wait a few days until it dries up some. 

I hope you guys have a great week.. let me know what you did this weekend! 


K Jaggers
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