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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Hello everyone! I hope your having a good morning. I was kinda shocked awake when husby kept ringing my phone over and over. I don't think he realizes how much I hate being woke up before my alarm goes off. He just wanted to tell me that he saw a lot of police in town... and that I need to wear my seat belt when I took Jackson to school. Just what I wanted to hear first thing. NOT!  And I didn't see 1 police car on the way to school so clearly it wasn't worth being woke up 10 minutes before the alarm went off. Today is pretty much Monday for Jackson and I. He had yesterday off and it totally spoiled me being able to sleep in. It wasn't so easy getting up today and every minute of sleep helps... see why I didn't want husby calling early this morning!? But we managed to get up and got out of the door on time. I don't have any big plans today except I have to run to the store later to pick up a few groceries but that's about it. So I am thinking it might be ok to lay here for a while and maybe doze back off for a couple of hours. Why not right!?

For some reason yesterday, Jackson lost 3 fish. I don't know what happened but the water seemed ok but Scott came home and cleaned the tank last night and we haven't lost anymore thankfully. I am just happy we didn't loose 

President Obama! He is still swimming around and doing great! Being I paid $25 for one large black goldfish  , I am super happy that he is alive. I have never paid that much for a fish my entire life! 

There are a few changes going on around here on the blog.. I will do an updated post later with all the details but I hope you can navigate  through  posts a little easier now. I also decided that I will start doing Movie Reviews on Tuesday's now instead of Mondays. I just have a little extra free time on Tuesdays so it makes sense moving it. But don't worry.. its not going away! Again.. I will have a more in depth post about the changes later today or tomorrow.

I can't believe May is almost here.. this school year seemed to go by so fast for me. Before I know it, summer is going to be here and the house is going to be full of little kids running, playing, laughing and even some fighting. Brittany is out of school in about 23 days and Jackson doesn't get out until the middle of June. So its going to make things a little more complicated. Brittany will be here for about 3 weeks while Jackson is still in school. Wonder how that is going to work out!?  I can't wait for summer!

I hope you have a great day! I'll be back a little later.


K Jaggers

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