Tired & Going to Bed

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Hello Friends! I hope you had a good day. I know with everything happening in Boston sure has a lot of us upset. I didn't know anyone personally running in that marathon or anyone injured but my heart breaks for everyone having to deal with that situation. Seriously my heart breaks for them.  
  I had a rather busy day. You can't tell by looking at the hose but I did a bunch of cleaning on the first floor but I skipped cleaning the 2nd floor because I was tired. I also did a lot of blog work and answering emails. I am part of this new Big's and Little's Workshop that I found over at Wifesionnals .. Basically what it does is partner a bigger blog with a smaller blog. So I am paired up with Lisa who blogs over at www.ameliorerlavie.blogspot.com. She is wanting to make some new bloggy friends so stop by and say hello!  She is pretty new to blogging and I hope you guys make her feel welcome to this wonderful community! 
                       I didn't really feel like cooking tonight. I was actually in the mood for wings. I don't know what is going on with me and wings but I am loving them right now. So I decided to order..

This super cheesy Pizza Hut Pizza and I got some 

and we even got some free bread sticks. 

Dinner was really good.. and I was happy that I got to stay out of the kitchen. I wish I could have got more done around the house but there is always so much to do. Its too big of a house for me to keep up on my own. Husby does his best to help but he works a lot and comes home tired and grumpy. 

Speaking of grumpy.. he really was grumpy tonight. He ate.. took a shower and was in bed a few minutes later. I understand it but he needs come home in a better mood. Today was  a long busy day for him. One of the other guys came from the old dealership.. which is 2 guys now.. and he had to get him all settled in.. then they sold 4 cars which kept them busy all day long. Plus that drive home didn't help things either. We are moving closer to his new work in a couple of months. Its just too long of a drive for him. I am happy to be getting out of this house. I like it here for the most part but its just too big. However, my husband keeps looking at bigger houses anyway.. hummmmm...Hopefully this weekend we will be going to look at a couple houses. I am sooooo ready to move.

Actually I don't really feel safe with everything that keeps happening. I was so sad to see the pictures coming in today from Boston. I just want to run away to a tropical island where the worst thing you have to worry about is the weather.

Well I am super tired tonight. Not sure why but I am going to lay back and try to start dreaming. First though, I have to get these babies

Out of my bed and into their bed!

Boston, We Life You Up In Our Prayers


K Jaggers
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  1. Sounds like you had one busy day! Found you from the gfc blog hop! hope you have a great week!

    1. It was pretty busy! Nice to meet you.. I am following you now! Have a great Thursday!


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