Sunday, April 28, 2013

* Its been raining here all day long. From the moment I opened my eyes till now, its been coming down. 

* I was able to start out with the windows open but it quickly cooled down. 

* My day wasn't so productive...I was totally lazy. 

* I am really wanting to buy a new camera.. but maybe I can just have my mom send one to me! Pretty Please Mom!! xoxo

* Scotts birthday kicked my ass.. I have seriously have been hung over for 2 days. But we had a good time! 

* The laundry is piled up everywhere. Why didn't I do any today? I am going to have to do it all day tomorrow. SHIT!!

* In the next few days I am moving the kitty blog over here.. I just can't keep up with it and would rather just have the info and application on my main blog. I am also seriously thinking about taking down Our Love Story too until I have it more updated but who knows with that one. 

* We wanted to go see a movie tonight but we all were just too tired to get cleaned up. So it was a redbox night instead.
* I have a ton of desk work to do.. there is a ton of things piled up waiting to be sorted and lots of calendar work. Fun...

* Brittany will be flying here in a few weeks. I hate my kids being on planes alone. I worry from the minute they go up to the minute they land. I just pray the entire time. But I can't wait to see her. Jackson is flying alone too this year to go back up and see his dad. Its funny because I am paying for Brittany to fly here....He wants to go see his dad for a month this summer so he is paying for that ticket.. and we will have to drive to New Orleans to get Zane. We are about to get really busy. Then I will take Brittany home and pick up Jackson. Lots of summer travel involved. 

* I think tonight will be the first night I don't sleep with the kittens. I barely got any rest last night.. so its time I take my room back. They are so darn cute though! 

* Speaking of the kittens, its about time to start seriously considering some of the applications. I just hate saying goodbye to them. ) :

* Has anyone else been having problems with the blogger customized template changes?? Nothing will work or save for me. Hummmmm.. wish blogger would get it fixed. 

* I think I am going to start packing up different parts of the house. We keep looking but haven't found anything yet but we are for sure moving out of this house.. as soon as possible. I can't wait. 

* I plan on making a video in the next few days of - What's in my Mail Box - of a bunch of stuff that has came in over the past month or so. It should be a lot of fun! 

* I am totally loving fresh grapefruit right now..sometimes I eat 2 a day..I think its perfect any time of the day..but I do sprinkle a little sugar on top just to make it extra yummy! 

* I want to get some family pictures made this summer with all the little kids. They are growing up so fast! 

* I got the prettiest color on my nails right now.. I haven't been doing my nails a lot lately but I am loving the pretty spring colors right now! 

* Brittany had a little melt down about her dad this morning. Those two bicker back and forth all the time. So far she is the only one who can really deal with him. 

* Jackson said tonight..." I feel sorry for Brittany because she isn't here living the easy life with us. " I thought it was cute but his life is easy because of all I do for him! 

* I was driving today and almost got into an accident.. I hydroplaned and fishtailed around.. thankfully there were not many car on the road at that time. It scared me to death. On a brighter note the rain gave my car bath! 

* Cooper is going on a big diet ... he just keeps getting bigger and bigger. We bought Imas and plan on only giving him the amount suggested. He isn't going to like it either. 

* Jackson doesn't have school Monday... which means no alarm...Wooooo-hoooo!!!!

* I still have a lot of work to do in my closet.. I am seriously just throwing a bunch of stuff out. I don't want to pack it all. 

* Tomorrow we might go see Olympus Has looks really good! 

* I dreamed of Hawaii the other night.. wonder if that means its time for a vacation???

*   Have I said how much I miss Florida? Please God help us get there.

* I barely talked to anyone today on the phone. I just basically sleep walking through the entire day and just wasn't in the mood for chatting. 

* As I type this my husband is next to me dozing on and off with the kitty..

* How precious is that?? We have nicknamed this baby Rocco..and he is my favorite! 

* Its late and I need sleep! I hope you had a wonderful Saturday! 


K Jaggers
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