The Ice Machine Drama....a mommy post.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

I have a bunch of  mommy posts coming up but tonight I thought I would talk to you about the breakdown my 10 year old son had over our ice maker. So for a few days last week.. the icemaker on the frig was not working right. ( We later figured out a bag of frozen peas was tangled up in it ) Well.. Jackson came bouncing down the stairs and into the kitchen he went. He got a glass...and went to get ice out of the frig and it didn't work! I was sitting in the living room and could hear everything. He yells to me... 

Jackson : " Mom, the icemaker is not working "

Me :  " I know.. just get some out with your hands. "

Jackson : " I am not touching the ice with my hands. "

Me : " Jackson.. its fine.. just get some ice yourself. "

Jackson : " Who else is going to stick their hands in the ice? Mom.. this is going to be gross."

Me: " Jackson.. its fine. "

Jackson.. " Well I am not having any ice.. guess my root beer is going to be hot. "

Me: " Fine "

I get up and head into the kitchen at this point.. not happy. I was busy and not happy that my kid was being a brat and it was actually pissing me off. I walk into the kitchen.. get the ice with my hands and insist that he take it.. and that didn't make him happy at all. He sat the glass down on the counter without ever taking a drink.

He went on and and about how the germs from my hands or his hands getting on the ice is a huge problem. I instructed him if it really bothered him to use a small plastic cup instead to scoop the ice out.

Well Jackson stayed pretty upset about it. I didn't really want to fool around with it. I waited until Scott had time to figure out what was going on.. and as I said.. there was a bag of frozen peas all wrapped around the thing that rolls the ice into the door. So for about 3 days I had to hear all the complaints Jackson had with handling the ice... which I thought was nuts.Growing up my grandparents didn't have an ice machine. It was the old fashioned

do it yourself ice trays. I don't know what Jackson would have done if this is his only choice. So I am thinking that even though the technology is wonderful.. what about just helping yourself sometimes rather than depending on a machine to do it for you?? I think its so nice that Jackson has never really had to get his own ice but there is also a sadness that he doesn't know what to do without a machine. Maybe its time to buy a few of those ice trays again and show him how it could be. Idk.. I just found it shocking that my kid was complaining about the ice maker.. really?? Things have seriously changed since I was young. My family would have laughed me out of the house if I refused ice if I had to touch it. I am just not happy about these kids now days ( including both of mine ) who don't know how to do anything on their own. My 11 year old daughter was telling me tonight that her dad wants her to do the dishes, sweep the floor and clean the bathroom sometime over the weekend... and that all the chores were too hard and she couldn't do it. Yea ok.. I don't want my kids not knowing to how make a bed or clean a bathroom... really its just their way of trying to be lazy. I reminded her that she can fool her dad with that but not me.. She will do chores here.. like it or not. And she might just have to get her own ice too! (: 


K Jaggers
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  1. i have those moments many times with my kids too. I always have a difficult time to get my six year old to clean up her toys. She is young of course but she needs to learn early. Thanks for sharing your story. Looking forward to read more from u.

    Have a blessing week,

  2. I still use the ice cube maker. The more technology the more things can go wrong. Give me simple. My grandmother didn't even have a frig.

  3. It is amazing what the kids today think! And to really date me--the ice cube trays we used to have were metal with a handle you had to lift up to release the ice (actually was easier then the one you have pictured)-Can't really blame the kids --what with all the nonsense about anti bacterial soaps etc--they have been brainwashed!!

  4. .... i don't have a machine for the ice and it's perfectly normal for me... my mother would have a fiot if i reacted like that..; and he is so young! in a wait i'm afraid i mean what will happen he he doesn't have electricy for a long time? oki he is intelligent to knows the risk of germe etc.. though the cold would have killed them ;)
    i hope they just want to have advantage but that they know they are exagerating

  5. No ice cube maker here - we use our hands (ewwwwww - gross)!

    My daughter is five and she just started making her bed first thing in the morning. It's no big deal because it's just a part of her day. Thank goodness!

    You should buy that ice cube tray - it might become an exciting new "technology" in the house.


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