Thursday, April 4, 2013


Its been raining here all day. Seriously... all day long. The dog is going crazy wanting outside to go play. Maybe I husband should have listened to me a long time ago about getting Super Cooper a raincoat! He just wouldn't do it..but on days like this.. it would be much easier. Every time he comes in and out we have to wipe of his paws...dry him off with a towel...and hes a BIG dog! It wares me out drying him off. We have all been taking it pretty easy today. Well, husby crashed out a few hours ago and is really enjoying a  late afternoon nap and little Jackson is playing on the xbox. I just got done with a little more kitchen organizing  I am close to being done!! I am so tired of storing shit we just don't use anymore. I want it gone..and I want things to stay clean and organized!!! 

I was so upset when I fell asleep last night.. I think I actually fell asleep praying. I am doing better today with accepting that the soul suckers exists to show me how to not be. That has to be the lesson.. otherwise the evil people have won and I just can't and won't accept that. So I am pressing on.. I wish I could just go hide on some remote beach somewhere.. but I can't. Husby isn't willing to run away yet! 

I don't know what is going on the rest of the evening. I guess we are just hanging around the house. I was going to try to get Scott to go out to dinner but I just went shopping yesterday and we have a kitchen full of food so I am sure that I am cooking! 

Jackson got himself new glasses today! 

He is still getting use to them but I think they are really cute! However when I tried them on....and couldn't see anything! I am shocked his eyes are so bad. But hopefully these new ones will help more. 

I have some more posts coming up later tonight! Stay tuned! 


K Jaggers
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  1. Sitting in the rain for days now... but my flower beds are looking great! Following from the TGIF Blog Hop! Hope you have a wonderful evening!


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