So What Wednesday

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

So What Wednesday

    Today I am linking up with  Shannon from Life After I " Dew " for her So What Wednesday post!

Hope you enjoy! 

So What today didn't go as planned at all. The day has basically went to shit pretty fast. 

So What I had a call from the principle of my sons school with not such good news. Yea..Another mommy post coming up soon. 

So What the weather has been beautiful and I haven't even began to clean out the garage. It will wait! 

So What my neighbor just told me that I flew in my driveway at 40 miles per hour and how he was surprised I didn't go into the wall when I was entering the garage.Thank goodness for good breaks! 

So What my hair is at that stage that I can't stand.. Not short enough and not long enough! Its a pain!! Thank goodness for hair ties! 

So What I have yet to start a new yoga workout as planned. I will eventually start it.. lets face it, who wants to do that stuff anyway? But I will find the motivation! 

So What this first week of getting up to the alarm after spring break has sucked.. really sucked. I am so thankful to have a 10 year old who can get himself ready in the mornings. However, I still have to drag myself out of my warm fluffy bed to drive him to school. I have went back to sleep every day this week! 

So What that I am seriously thinking about fixing a cocktail at 430 in the afternoon.. is that too early for some wine!? I think not! 

So What I spoiled my kid with Mickey D's after getting in trouble at school. He still needs to eat and I needed food too. 

So What I haven't talked to my husband that much today. He has been busy busy busy selling the hell out of some cars so I shouldn't complain. That is what feeds our family. But I miss him. 

So What I have to have a conversation with my ex husband tonight.. See why I need the cocktail! 

So What I have done nothing around the house today short of making the beds. Scott works late.. so maybe I will get a few things done before he gets home!

So What I am totally addicted to the Jodi Arias trial. I don't know what to think about that you think it was self defense?? 

Well that's my day!! 

K Jaggers
3 comments on "So What Wednesday"
  1. I stumbled across your blog via the blog hop for 'So What Wednesdays'. Hope you don't mind having a new follower! :)

    I kinda felt like I was reading stuff I'd say here. I just love those ex husband conversations. Heavy on the sarcasm there! ;))

  2. fun post - good luck getting things done. i haven't started any of my spring cleaning yet either. it's tough to get started :)

  3. @ Britt.. Nice to meet you! Yea the ex husband conversations always require a drink before, during and after! Ha! I am now following you back!

    @ Jackie.. I did a lot of spring cleaning but if I don't keep up with it each day it piles up fast! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


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