Sleepy Night...

Saturday, April 13, 2013

The kittens have been running around the house all night long.. and finally they are slowing down! They are so cute.. and very very loveable! I can't even begin to explain how happy breeding and raising Persian kittens makes me! And my husband was loving all over each one of the babies tonight. Everyone loves the kittys! 

It was a pretty nice day with husby home. I stayed up later last night than what I should have and Scott woke me up much earlier than I expected. So that combination made me sleepy all damn day. Scott really wanted me to go golfing but there was no way I was going to go swing a club when I was so sleepy. So I suggested that he go get Jackson from school early and take him. And that's exactly what he did!

I think sometimes its ok to break the rules and skip school! Jackson had a great time golfing and will be starting lessons really soon. I don't want to sign him up until we move but that should be really soon! 

Scott and I were talking.. he doesn't think its the right time to head south so we are moving closer to his job. I don't know when but we are thinking June. Its just too long of a drive for him. So we are looking at houses and will probably go out Sunday and check out a few too! I am excited to move out of here. I don't like it here.. really I don't like it in North Carolina but I am here until husby is ready for Florida. He is my home so where he is.. I am going to be. 

Anyway, today went pretty easy. I did a little shopping ( you can check out the haul here ) and then I came home and cooked a great dinner. 

but it was like pulling teeth to actually get me in the kitchen. I really was tired and thankfully dinner was easy. Scott and Jackson enjoyed it and then I crashed out on 

the couch and when I woke up it was dark outside. I have remained sleepy since! I took a long hot bath.. and came right up to bed! I hope to sleep in as long as I want tomorrow so I can wake up feeling good! 

I hope you have a beautiful Saturday! 

Ohhh. I know I forgot the next letter in the A-Z challenge so I will make it up tomorrow or Sunday! 


K Jaggers

3 comments on "Sleepy Night..."
  1. What a cutie! :)

    Thanks for linking up with the Meet & Greet Blog Hop!

  2. Oh my gosh, the kitten is cute, but I didn't know that picture was going to move and it made me jump, lol!

  3. @ Lauren.. the kittens are so sweet! They make each of us smile every day! Thanks for hosting the blog hop!

    @ mail4rosey.. that is too funny! Sorry for scaring you! Hope you have a great weekend!


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