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Friday, April 19, 2013

The Vintage Modern Wife: Happies and Crappies Link Up

So today I am doing 2 linkups in 1! First off I am joining up for the first time with Kenzie from over at Chasing Happy! I think she is new to blogging so be sure to hop over to her blog and show her some love! And as normal I am linking back up with Stephanie over at The Vintage Modern Wife for this weeks Happies & Crappies. 

So here we go.. 


1. Went to bed last night to the police and FBI catching the terrorist. I don't know if happy is the right feeling but I am happy that our people.. our officials.. would not give up on hunting these people down. 

2. Loved spending the day with husby yesterday.. but he's at work again today.. YUCK! 

3. A couple of nights ago, a long lost friend found me via Facebook! Gosh.. this has happened more than once.. and I have to say, I love you facebook! 

4. My home is filled with adorable bouncing baby Persian cats.. and that always puts a smile on my face! 

5 . I am featured on Ramblings of a Southern Belle today.. with a giveaway! She put that I live in Paris.. which is wrong! We do have a lot of family in France but sadly I don't live in Paris! I am doing a $25 Sephoria E Card Giveaway.. plus free Ad Space.. so hop over there and get entered! I am also featured on Living for his Glory and on Never the Same Spice Twice!!! Thank you ladies! 

6. I am happy that this Sunday Dog the Bounty hunter is back on!! I know its kinda crazy that I love that show but husby loves it.. and got me addicted! I am soooo tuning in! 

7. I have been loving the weather! Even though its raining here today! 

8. Found a pair of ear rings I lost a long time ago! Super happy!! That's what I get for cleaning out my closet. (:

9. Flowers are blooming out in the front flowerbeds! Soooooo pretty! 

10. Both Jackson and Brittany made me smile and laugh 100 times this week. Its amazing how the love for your kids just keeps growing. Each passing year, I love them more and more. I also love that they are not babies anymore because now we can actually have real meaningful conversations! 


1. What happened in Boston made me cry and then it made me angry.

2. One family member of ours is back to causing trouble. I wish they would just grow up and realize nothing in this life is owed to you. 

3. Found a tick on Cooper last night. A sure sign that spring is here.. YUCK! 

4. My husband was feeling bad last night.. so he got up at 3am and never went back to bed. ): And I know he is sleepy today. 

5. I went to the store this week and forgot my debit card. Sooooo embarrassing.. but they held my stuff in the buggie until I got back about 10 minutes later... but we had to take it all out and re scan it. Perfect huh? 

6. I was almost in a wreck the same day..

7. Dealing with the ex's this week hasn't been no fun. I think I could make an entire blog about them and their antics. Priceless. 

8. I still can't find where I put the garage door opener. I have no idea why I took it out of my car. Very stupid thing to do. 

9. I still haven't made the Elvis cookies.. but hopefully later this afternoon I will get it done! 

10. The dishwasher leaked all over the kitchen floor 2x's this week.. guess that was my fault but I still don't know what made it happen! 

Happy Friday! 

K Jaggers
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  1. I love re-connecting with long lost friends via Facebook! That's great that she found you. :) This link up was pretty neat--I will probably do this one. :)

    1. You should do it! Like I said.. do as many linkups as you can to make more bloggy friends!

  2. I love your list. Especially the happies and not so much the other ones. Ticks? ewww

    1. Thank you! Yes, I hate the ticks!!! But it happens!

  3. Already a follower, visiting from the Fun Friday Hop.

    If you haven't linked up yet on my Bloglovin Blog Hop, I would love you to drop by:

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    Take care,
    Happy Kids, Inc

    1. Thanks for stopping by!!! I did link up! Hope you have a great week!


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