Open Windows..

Friday, April 12, 2013
Its a rainy night here.. Really rainy. I am laying in bed with the windows open and loving listening to the rain and thunder. I am actually sleeping with the window open for another reason too. We have tornados all around us and I figure I will hear the alarm better ( if they sound them ) so I can get everyone in a safe spot. Lets just hope it keeps raining and the tornadoes stay away! I am happy that tomorrow husby is going to be home with me. I am also happy that he is being sweet and taking Jackson to school tomorrow. He told me to not even set my alarm! Yea!!! That means I get 3 days alarm free and I love that! I don't know what we are doing tomorrow. Its suppose to be a very rainy day so we might just stay home and veg out. Just having him here means a lot to me. Its not always so easy to get him to take his days off either... so I hope we can just enjoy the day. 

Not much went on around here. Last night I actually fell asleep on an ice pack because my head was hurting so badly. Then I wake up with the same damn headache. I took some meds.. slept till almost 1 pm. Then I woke up and felt like crap but the pain was gone. It was hard to get motivated to do anything today. Basically I didn't do anything all day or all evening. I didn't even cook and warmed up left overs instead. And no one seemed to mind. Thankfully right now I am feeling much better.. tired but better. 

Jackson brought home his report card and it was really good. All B's and 1 C. There is room for improvement but I am sure happy his grades are doing good! 

If we do stay home tomorrow I hope to edit some upcoming videos. I have some really cute kitty cat footage and I continue to work my daily meal vlog with some great menu ideas and pointers! I am also excited to be advertising this blog on some other blogs I love! Hopefully some new friends will join into our glamorous conversations about life, kids, pets, food.. you name it! If you are new and just stopping by..Welcome!  Take a second and say hi! (:  If you like what you see, there are many ways to follow.. and you can always check out This Post for more information on the many ways to follow me and this blog! 

Well I am going to drift off to sleep to the sound of the thunder and sleep in tomorrow. 

Have a great morning! 

K Jaggers

4 comments on "Open Windows.."
  1. Headaches are the worst, I know. :( It's raining here too... enjoy your time off. :)

    I'm visiting from the Happy Friday Link up.

  2. Found your blog via the Friday bloghop. Love your picture of Big Ben in the rain! Hoping you're feeling fighting fit for the weekend :) I too have pets and kiddies so look forward to following!

  3. @ Abby..Thanks so much! The storm lasted all night but nothing too scary!

    @ Mail4rosey..Yes, they are! Hope you have a beautiful weekend!

    @ Suzaane.. Nice to meet you and I am following you back! Thank goodness I am feeling much better!Have a great weekend!


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