Oh How Pinteresting!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Today I am linking up with The Vintage Apple for Oh, how Pintresting Wednesday! If you don't know anything about Pinterest its an amazing site where you can find so much inspiration. If you don't already....
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Tiffany Blue, I love you.

Orange waffles with fruit  

Summer fun! 

Kaleb Norman James Design .... I loooove! 

This is such a quick & easy way to freeze fresh herbs that I cant believe Ive not tried it before now!

30 hairstyles in 30 days from @Tonya Seemann Potts Romance

Mocha Cream Pie

Laundry Basket Storage... I want this! 

Waffle Iron Hashbrowns

Fun way to reward students for finding idoms ...keep eyeball candies in a tub labeled "I've got my eyes on you."

vintage 1930s black evening gown with rhinestone beaded neckline | size xl.

Bikini Rolls, great for mid-day snacks! Avocado, carrots, cucumber, cabbage & peanut sauce

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Happy Wednesday! 

K Jaggers
3 comments on "Oh How Pinteresting! "
  1. Rolos are my favorite and I LOVE smores...so yeah I NEED those rolo marshmallows !

  2. Love, love, love that dress!

    I've done waffle iron hashbrowns (but I just grated potato into the waffle iron. They were yummy!

    Wishing you a lovely day!

  3. Great pins! I love that marshmallow idea! Genius. Can't wait to try that one out. And I may just need to go buy a waffle iron so I can make those potatoes.
    Enjoy the rest of your week!


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