Moving into April..

Monday, April 1, 2013

Hellloooo Friends! Another fresh month is here. God knows I am hoping and praying that April is better than what March was. I am going to do my very best to shake off the March drama and go into a new month with a fresh outlook. Its not that easy though.. I still have a lot of things on my mind. I can't control what others say or do and I just have to accept that. I have been having to deal with some drama here lately that is totally uncalled for but I am doing my best to not let it bother me. Scott has a different outlook that I do about it. He simply doesn't give a shit but it bothers me. However that was March drama that I am going to avoid like the plague in April. Again.. Its out of my control. 


I am not going to rant on here because honestly... there is so much good that I would rather talk about. I just want a good month.. with good great memories and stress free. I am pretty sure my husband wants the exact things.  Honestly.. 2013 has been difficult so far. No joke. But things WILL change. And this is not some kind of positive thinking bullshit either.I am just not going to deal with negative energy. Nope. Time to focus on whats important and not worry about the stupid people. 

But I must can't help to smile at the adorable kittens we have! They are starting to grow up a little and are so freaking cute! 

They are just precious and starting to be more fun! They are coming out of the den a little more and playing around the house.. it won't be long before they are bouncing up and down the stairs! 

Yesterday was a really fun day with Jackson. He woke up to a bunch of Easter treats and then he went out with Scott. They hung out for a couple of hours.. and then he came home and had a Easter hunt. We didn't do a traditional dinner. The boys snacked all day.. and wasn't hungry for dinner. I was going cook a big ham dinner but neither of them wanted it. So about 1030pm....I made some biscuits and gravy.. and we all sat down together and had a late late night breakfast! (:  I am glad it went the way the boys wanted but I do wish the entire family with my mom and sister could have had a big meal together. But that will come another year! Its never easy getting all of us in the same spot at the same time! I miss them though. 

Today is going to be filled with cleaning our messy house. I don't know how it got so messy so fast but I have my hands full today. Scott won't even be home until 9pm so I will have a lot of time to work around here. Plus Jackson can help a little bit too. I also need to take time to work on the calender.. so many things are coming up. What's going on with this month?? 

Time for me to get dressed and get my house cleaned up.. I'll be back to chat more in a little while! 

Have a great April! 


K Jaggers
1 comment on "Moving into April.."
  1. 2013 has sucked for me as well... but I am confident it will turn around.

    Those kittens are WAY too adorable!

    Wishing you a fantastic week (and the best month EVER)!


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