Monday Makeup : Wet n' Wild Color Icon Pallets - Nude Awakening & Going into the Wild Review, Swatches, and Photos

Monday, April 1, 2013

I have never been a huge fan of Wet n' Wild. The shadows normally didn't blend well on me and ended up looking muddy and the fall out was horrible.. But in the past few years they have stepped up their game a little bit. I got the 2 pallets above from CVS for $4.99 each. The price is very nice and I was hoping the actual product would not disappoint.  

As you can see on the back of the packaging there is a little diagram with numbers to help you figure out looks with the colors in the collection. 

Wet n Wild released 2 new 8 pan shadow pallets with an adorable new design..

I love the white packaging and flowers much more than the standard black packaging.. 

As you can see this is a pretty nice neutral pallet to have. 

These are nice colors.. and they are satin finish.. and I didn't experience much fall out. However.. I think these shadows need a primer otherwise they wear will in a few hours and start to crease. And it helps the colors stand out more. 

Here is the 2nd set of shadows in the collection.. 

As you can see this one has some brighter colors! 

The back has the same number system to help you find some new looks!

This pallet has some interesting colors in it.. The light purple is really pretty an the light teal is not too much.. I don't want a color like that to be too bright. This one is wearable. This is the exact same as the one above with the exception of the colors. 

I got these when the display was full.. none were missing.. Then a few days later they all were gone. So it might have to take a little work hunting for both of these. But they are worth it! 

 There are a ton of looks you can do with these shadows. I have been having a great experience with these shadows and think for the price they are a GREAT deal. I have done looks with the - Going into the Wild - shadows but I didn't take pictures that day. ): Still Nude Awakening is my favorite! I am super happy with both of these and would recommend them to anyone to try out!! 

Have you tried these?? What are your thoughts? 

K Jaggers
2 comments on "Monday Makeup : Wet n' Wild Color Icon Pallets - Nude Awakening & Going into the Wild Review, Swatches, and Photos"
  1. Oh, I'm anxious to try these! I've tried some of their other pallets and been happy with them. Your makeup looks so pretty in your picture! :)

    1. Thank you! These are really good for the price...I hope you have found them by now! They are such a good drugstore bargain!


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