Late Start..

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

I woke up a little later today....and I feel so blessed that I can stay home and not have to rush out in the morning to a job I hate. I am a very very lucky woman to have such a hard working husband who doesn't mind that I have slept in till 11am. Honestly.. that's the latest I have slept in weeks. I am doing my best to get on some kind of regular schedule. Last night I was sound asleep by 1230. And my 10 year old son was still up at that time. I climbed out the bed right before I was about to doze off...checked on him and he was up watching tv.. Nope.. tv went off and we both went to bed.. and we both slept in! I really wish both Scott and Brittany were here sleeping in with us too. Its just not the same without either of them. But husby will be taking off tomorrow and spending the day with us.. Which also means, I better do all I can around here today because once he is home.. its hard to get motivated to clean and pick up things.. I would rather hang out with the boys instead! 
Today I am not getting such good start with what I need to get done. I should care but honestly.. I don't. I need to go to the market but I am ok with putting that off till later this afternoon. I guess I need more coffee!!
 Hopefully later today I will have a video up of a better organized kitchen..I just have to finish it! (: Today I am taking all those old baking sheets and old pots that I don't really use and either packing them up or throwing them away. Its hard for me to part with kitchen stuff. But I have so much of it. And I think just boxing up a lot of the pans that we really don't use unless we have a houseful of company would be better for our kitchen. We are running out of room and we don't even use half of it. So that is on today's to do list for sure!

My problem the past few days is...

Loving on these precious babies! 

They are starting to explore outside the den.. 

and even last night they got out of the box in the bedroom.. which shocked me! They are so cute and can't help but to make everyone smile! I will get an updated video soon. Today was the first time I saw the one i n the picture above try to run! It was so funny and it didn't work so so well but hes trying! 

I hope you guys have a great Wednesday! I have some posts I want to work on and some of the household stuff to do.. I'll be back soon! 


K Jaggers
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  1. I just LOVE your kitties! I am a crazy catlady too. Visiting from the A-Z.


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