It's Ok Thursday

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Its Ok Thursdays
Happy Thursday Friends! 

Its Ok..that I am still staying up way too late.. making it hard to get up in the morning.. Somethings never change! 

Its Ok..that I am behind on just about everything. I have more shopping and cleaning to do.. hopefully by the weekend I will be all caught up! Fingers crossed!

Its Ok..that husby switched his day off from today till tomorrow. He had to go in for a meeting.. so he figures it would be best to just stay instead of going in and coming out. 

Its Ok..that I seriously need to go for a mani and pedi..maybe this weekend I will do it! 

Its Ok..that I have been tired all week. Thank goodness husby is taking Jackson to school on Friday and then Monday Jackson doesn't have school!So hopefully I will catch up on my sleep! 

Its Ok..that I still can't get the movie Mary and Martha out of my head. Check out my review but I think you should just do yourself a favor and watch it. You can find it on HBO & HBO on demand. It was truly one of the best movies I have saw in a long time. I think everyone should watch it. 

Its Ok..that I seriously need to clean the garage out.. and for months and months I have put it off. Its going to be time to move and we are still going to have a ton of shit out there to deal with. UGH.

Its Ok..that I have had trouble deciding what blogs to sponsor this month...I really need to make a decision and roll with it! 

Its Ok..that Jackson broke my heart a few nights ago because since then I have worked extra hard to remind him how much he is loved and wanted. I really think he misses his dad but he is going to fly up and see him this summer. In fact, I am flying Brittany here for the summer, he is flying Jackson to his house later in the summer and then I will drive Brittany home and pick Jackson up. Its kinda different this year.. and I don't like putting either of the kids on a plane alone but parenting from state to state is hard. And the have flown many times alone already. But its still very scary. 
Its Ok..that the more I think about the Mars project where they are sending people to live on that planet in about 8 years, I have a list of people I would like shoot off into space. You can't come back.. so it might be perfect for some people on my shit list. Wonder if I can sign them up myself? (:

Hope you have a great day! 

 K Jaggers

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  1. Love the "It's Okay..." posts! I found your blog through the blog hop - would love a follow back :)

    - Heather


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