Its Ok Thursday! i

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Its Ok Thursdays

Good Morning! I hope you guys are having a great start to your day! Time for another its ok Thursday! 

Its Ok that last night sucked due to a major migraine.. because I am feeling better this morning. But that was 2 in 1 week. ):

Its Ok that Jackson didn't have such a good day in school yesterday because today is a new day with a new chance to do it better.

Its Ok that another one of the employees from husbys old dealership has quit and is now coming to work for him at the new dealership. Not sure what is going on.. but I am glad Scott got out of there when he did.

Its Ok that yesterday was pretty unproductive because of unseen problems. The house always waits on me!

Its Ok that its time to start paying the yard guys again. They took care of the yard today.. and even though I hate that expense.. they sure make the yard look pretty.

Its Ok  that the gas bill was in the floor board of my car.. resulting in me not paying it and them turning it off. SHIT! Husby was none too happy but understood!

Its Ok that the kittens cried a lot last night...they are tired of being caged at night..they are growing up!

Its Ok that I went to bed feeling awful last night but I did sleep good.

Its Ok that its going to be another day without Scott. Happy Happy tomorrow is his day off.

Its Ok that I just want to stay home today and take it easy... so thats exactly what I am doing!

Its Ok that Jackson went to school today in shorts! Love Love Love the warmer weather!

Its Ok that somewhere in the house hides the garage door opener that I normally keep in the car. I really need to find it!

Its Ok that yesterday I went makeup free.. and I might just do it again today!

I hope you have a wonderful Thursday!


K Jaggers

3 comments on "Its Ok Thursday! i"
  1. Migraines are the worst! I hope that was your last for a long time! xo

  2. Sorry to hear about the migraine, that can make doing anything virtually impossible :(

    I hope you find your garage door opener soon... that can be a little inconvenient.

    I go make-up free about 3 times a week... it's good to let the skin breathe.

    Wishing you a lovely day!

  3. @Georgina.. They are horrible. I am thinking it might be time to go back to the Dr. ):

    @ Jennifer. Thanks for that sweet comment! Have a great weekend!


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