Helloooo Weekend

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Its been on hell of a day for me so far. I woke up feeling really bad..I had a serious headache.. I was sick and little Jackson gave me 2 shots to help with the pain. ( If you are wondering what I am talking about you can check out my video here ) I have been in bed most of the day. What makes it suck even worse than the pain is its Scott's and my anniversary today. He had to work..I feel horrible.. and I am just to the point that I can get on the computer. The shots are finally working I guess. I still need to run out and get a gift for him. He won't be home until after 7pm . I still can't drive yet. The pain has slowed down but its still there. Its a beautiful day to make matters suck even more! I want to be cleaning out the garage but I can't do that right now. I also wanted to take Jackson painting but yea.. cancelled. So I am just sitting around at 230pm in my pjs waiting to feel better. Jackson is such a loving little boy. He helps me every time when I am not feeling good. Who knew a 10 yr old could be such a good nurse! This is certainly not the way I wanted the day to start and I have been awake since 10am. So far 4 hours of my day has been ruined by a migraine.. but maybe the next 4 will be better. Scott and I were up really late last night talking about our relationship. After so many years together.. it takes more work. Who would have thought right?  It has got easier in many ways over the years but its still a lot of work. This is the longest relationship I have been in. We have known each other for 10 years and been together for 8. He's my best friend and I love him dearly. That doesn't mean I like him every minute of the day though! 

I just hope we have many many more great years together.. that's my anniversary wish. 


K Jaggers
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  1. I hope you get to feeling better and you can have some time to enjoy your anniversary. Relationships always take work, I'm not sure if that ever goes away.


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