Friday Letters

Friday, April 26, 2013

Dear Scott, Happy Happy Happy Birthday to you! I love you very much. However, getting drunk with you last night has been hell on me today! I haven't been able to do anything and as you know... the house is a disaster! No Sangria for me tonight! 

Dear Kittens, You know I love love love love you but having three 6 week old kittens in my bed at night is starting to cause problems. So its about time that you start sleeping on the first floor. Last your wake up attempts worked... You played in my hair, scratched my arms, bit my foot, knocked over a stack of cds, wrestled, and meowed.. Yea.. I can't sleep with you anymore! 

Dear Jackson, I told you if you had to say a bad word, then go into the bathroom and curse away where no one could hear you. Don't let me find out again that you said a bad word. You have to be 21 in our house to use those kinds of words. And your too cute to say such nasty things. Don't do it again. I love you and don't want you using bad words. 

Dear  Yard Guys, Good job.... you came at the right time this week. I seriously was going to fire you if you showed up at 8am this morning. The yard looks nice. Thank you and you can come back next week.. but not early. 

Dear Mom,  Super happy you are getting the house ready to sell! As you know.. we are wanting to move, its too bad we are not in the same state! I love you. 

Dear Brittany, Summer is almost here!!!! I miss you and can't wait to get you here! 

Dear Trina, Thank you for always being there for us. Scott and I both love you very much. We are super happy about Brandon's new job too! 

Dear Cooper, It might be time to shave you again. It will feel much better when all that hair is off.

Dear Stalker Girl, if you want your other questions answered, you will have to email me.. that's the only way they will get answerd. And I am never putting feedjit back on my blog so you should just stop trying. 

Dear Matt Lauer, I know I might be a little late but I will never watch you again. What you did to Ann Curry was so disgraceful. Goodbye. 

Dear Readers, I can't say thank you enough for being such kind friends. You guys have seriously sent me some of the most touching emails over Jordan.. I have read every single one and the comments too and I couldn't be more grateful for your love and support. I keep saying it over and over... I seriously have some of the best readers ever. 

Hope you have a wonderful weekend. 

K Jaggers
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