Errand Day! [ Video ]

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Yesterday I spent the day cleaning the house... and today it was all about running errands. I didn't really want to go... but I got my list ready ↓ and out the door I went!  ( The video is at the bottom! )

There is a funny thing about this list. I posted it to my Instagram which feeds onto my facebook page.. Well the baby food became a HOT topic! Everyone was wondering what the hell I was talking about.. Do I have a baby here now?? Am I pregnant?? What is the baby food for!!!??? The questions were really funny! Well the baby food is for the kitty cats!! Not a baby! 

So I took off to the market and got the few groceries.. 

and then I was off to CVS where I enjoyed some shopping and that magic coupon machine gave me an extra...

and I got even more extra bucks when I checked out! That haul/video coming up in just a few minutes! 

Then it was off to the.. 

for household stuff.. and my last stop was...

Returning movies at the Redbox. 

I was super happy to get back home. The day is beautiful and I didn't really want to leave the house today but I did and now I am home for the night.. Here's the quick video of what I got today! 

Hope you enjoy! 

I will be back soon with the CVS haul from today.. Stay tuned! 


K Jaggers

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