Thursday, April 4, 2013

Hellooo! Today I am linking up with some new friends for what I am currently 


So here goes! (: 

                 Drinking : 


Coffee...Coffee..Coffee..its a rainy day here, husby is home on his day off.. Jackson is home because he's on spring break.. it


Well yesterday I had to go food shopping.. and  spent more money than I expected! So yea.. that's what I've been buying! 


This is too funny because currently I drive a Jaguar and now my husband brought home this Danali that he wants to trade the car in for.. I am so not sure. Its raining and I don't feel like test driving it.. I was thinking more like a Mini Cooper not a SUV.. but who knows.. husby wants it. 



   Right now I am missing my mom and my grandfather. I can pick up the phone anytime and call my mom but my grandfather is gone. Really the only father I have known.. I would give anything to be able to see and talk to him again. 


We have some of the cutest Persian kitties bouncing around our house right now.. Its so precious! I can't stop snuggling them... kissing them.. they are pure love! 

Hope you have a wonderful Thursday!

K Jaggers

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