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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Hello Friends! I hope you are having a wonderful day. For me... I slept in and that totally made me happy! I have only been up for an hour or so but I still feel sleepy. I do have to say THANK YOU MOM for all the fluffy white bedding! Its truly like sleeping on a big cloud! I loooooooove it! And believe me, it sure made sleeping in today that much better! However, the sun came pouring this morning but I just pulled one of those pillows over my head and feel right back to sleep.

Boston Globe Front Page April 20, 2013I was really tired because I was obsessed with the manhunt for the Boston Bombers. From the night they killed the first one.. I have been watching. Yesterday it was the only thing on the tv. No matter what channel I put it on, it was that. I woke up Friday morning to take Jackson to school.. it was on.. then I come home fall back to sleep watching it.. and then I woke up watching it.. Then long and behold it was on all night last night too. I am really happy they got him. Honestly, I hate that a 19 year old decided to destroy not only his own life but other lives too. His age really bothers me but I think he does have to pay the price for what he has done. His brother looked like a man who had Terrorist Training but the 19 year didn't. He just looked like a young kid. It so sad. But after his capture I was able to sleep. I think all the Boston Police, FBI, and ATF officials were amazing. Just minutes after that last conference, they had the other guy. I understand the parents not wanting to believe that about their children but being they were in Russia and the kids were here.. my money is on the parents not really knowing their kids. I still say big brother planned it all and little brother just went along with it. Wait till that trial starts.. it will blow Jodi Arias out of park. 

So let me tell you.. I was trying to bake during the all the stuff on tv yesterday.. I also tried making a meringue cookie on a rainy day.. BOTH made for a T-E-R-R-I-B-L-E cookie. I even did 2 batches.. wasted ingredients . I was so frustrated. I learned in cooking school that should shouldn't make meringue on a rainy or humid day. But I really thought with the house so warm, it would be fine. But nope! Cookies ruined = Sad husby! They were for his work. I will try again on Sunday if its not raining. 

So with all the tv and cookie drama in the house, nothing else much got done. Honestly the house is a mess.. I have a lot to do, yet I don't want to do anything at this point. So I am going to lay around for a bit longer and then start things around the house. As you can see, the kitties don't want to wake up either! Can't say I blame them. Actually its only 58 here right now and that might explain why the house feels so cold. I just got the fireplace going because there is no way in hell I am getting up to do anything until the house warms up some! 
I hope you have a great weekend! I'll be back later. 


K Jaggers
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