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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Hello friends! I hope you are having a wonderful Wednesday!  I want to take a few minutes to talk to you about some bloggy things! First off... I don't have all the addresses for the New Laundry System Giveaway. There were a total of 22 winners and so far.. I have got about 1/2 of the addresses. So here is what I am going to be doing. If I don't have your address by this Saturday  [ April 13th ] then I am going to sadly have to disqualify you. This was a huge giveaway and its been hard trying to figure out where to send all the prizes. I doubt that I will ever do a giveaway this big again because its been more work that I expected! Sorry.. but tracking down your addresses has become wayyyy to hard! All the winners are listed here so be sure to check it out and if you are        one of the lucky winners shoot me an email at so I can send you your prizes!

Now on to some other notes.. So have you heard that Google Reader is shutting down?? Let me explain a little more.. Google reader and GFC are not the same.. but there are some rumors that blogger will be doing away with BOTH in the very soon future. I don't really use google reader to follow blogs but I know many of you do. You can check out a great article right here that explains it a little better. Also feedburner is suppose to be going away too.  Now for me that's not really a problem being I switched to Feedblitz a while ago to deliver daily emails to subscribers. So while I have been blogging for a long while... I didn't even have GFC up for 3 years.. and for me, I have MOST of my subscribers through email because that is what I suggested for years.  Now I am starting to think that its not going to matter anyway. Google who owns blogger is wanting us ALL to navigate to Google +.  And lets face it.. Google + has some great things about it too.. and I will go into that in a later post. 

But what I am hoping is if you follow with GFC, maybe add another way of following this blog too. Just in case.. 

So here are ways to follow The Glamorous Life of a French Housewife:

Daily Email and RSS Feed : At the top of the blog there is the section right above the first blog post where you can add your email address and get our daily email. I don't blow up your inboxes every day.. Its just 1 email with all the daily posts in it. I do send out some emails here and there but normally its one email per day. ( Also to other bloggers.. I pay Feedblitz to send out the daily emails. It also automatically updates facebook and twitter for a very small fee and I am SUPER happy with them. Feedburner is who delivers most of bloggers feed via email.. and that service is sure to disappear soon and I have no idea what they will offer instead if anything. so think about that! ) 

Facebook  All my blog post show up on my facebook page a couple of seconds after they go live on the blog. For you guys who are friends with me on my Personal Facebook Page.....the blog posts go live immediately after they are posted on here. Its automatic. And what I love is when I schedule a post to go live at a particular also updates my social media sites...which is extremely helpful. 

Twitter  If you follow me on Twitter then you will be able to see each blog post as they go live on the blog. I don't use twitter as much as I should but I am working on it!

Instagram - Now I don't put every blog post up on instagram. I love it.. and I do take a lot of pictures and its a great way to keep up with ME but not so good for finding new blog posts. But maybe I will change it and maybe do 1 picture a day with updated blog posts...not sure yet. 

Youtube - I love youtube and making videos because its a great community to belong to but I don't put my blog posts up on there either! But subscribe because I make videos OFTEN!

Pinterest - I love pinterest.. isn't there some great ideas on there!? I don't put each blog post up on there but I do have a board for the blog and I try to update it once a week with my favorite posts!

Bloglovin - If you are a follower of bloglovin then all my posts will appear the second they go live on the blog. And let me say.. I am not a huge bloglovin person. I don't really use it that much now except to publish my blog posts.. BUT.. I am going to really work on this. I do know its a great way to follow the blogs you love and you can break them up into different groups such as cooking blogs, family blogs, pets blogs.. you get the point. So I am going to start moving all my blogs over there in the coming weeks! 

Google +  - This is blogger's prefered way to keep up with everything. To be very honest, I like a lot of the google + features but I am still behind the curve on all it does. Right now.. I have to update each new blog post manually and it sucks. I still have a lot to learn about this site but you can follow me on here too. There is a link at the top and in the right side bar to make it easy for you to follow. 

That actually goes for all the other - follow methods -... they are all at the top and in the right side to make it easy for you all to find! 

Bookmark - You can always just bookmark this blog and come back that way too. 

I don't suggest other bloggers flip out about loosing Google Reader of GFC. Instead start having your followers follow in other ways. I can't imagine the blog list on going away.. but the rumor is that it will be gone and Google + will be what they will be pushing for all of us. If you are blogging from a different platform this really doesn't apply to you. I am a blogger girl.. I am a google girl.. and I don't plan on switching my blog to another hosting site because of the upcoming changes. The google search engine has been GREAT for my blog. I get tons of new readers who happen to find me through google. So why would I change that?  I am just going to figure out things in another way if we loose Google Reader and GFC. I hope if you are a GFC follower or if you read this blog in Google Reader, you will other ways to follow so you can keep joining in our our daily lives! I love all you guys and want you to stay around! 

I hope this has been helpful! If you have any questions.. please let me know and I will be happy to help! 


K Jaggers
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