A-Z Challenge [ N is for : Nervous ]

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Happy Tuesday Friends!  Today with the A-Z Blog Challenge its the letter is 



So with the what has recently happened in Boston, it has effected all of us once again. I don't know what to say about it except it was pure evil. I am starting to become so nervous about living here. Frankly, I am scared. I am scared and nervous for my children, your children, and all the other parents, husbands, wives, kids.. brothers, sisters. Everyone. You never know when terror is going to hit.. and doesn't it seem like its happening more and more. WTF?  

I am heartbroken for all the families that were effected and I really hope we end this violence. I honestly want to run away to a more secluded place just to feel safe. I am keeping that in mind when looking for the next house. Maybe its not the right to run around nervous but my honest feeling right now. What's going to happen next?  In times like this, I really reach further to God for help. I ask him to protect my family and your families and the rest is nervous hope. 

So as we all keep seeking answers, I am going to keep blogging as normal to hopefully lift your spirits even if its just for a few minutes. But lets..


And pray for peace. Seriously.. I am tried of being nervous when my son gets out of the car in the morning at school.. I'm tired of sitting in a movie theater nervously watching the doors almost the entire time. I am tired of being nervous when my family members get on a plane.. I am tired of it all. As citizens we need better protection. This should not be happening. Our country is basically based on peace. So that is what I think we also should be praying for. 


K Jaggers
2 comments on "A-Z Challenge [ N is for : Nervous ]"
  1. Sorry to hear about the tragedy in Boston. My prayer goes to all who are affected. Peace.


  2. @ Honeybee.. thank you.. its so sad that things like this just keeps happening. Hope you have a beautiful evening!


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