A-Z Challenge [ H is for Happy Housewife ]

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Happy Tuesday Friends!  Today with the A-Z Blog Challenge its the letter 

So for me that would have to be... 

Happy Housewife!

I am so fortunate to be able to not have to work outside the house. I have a wonderful husband who works really hard to give us the life we have. But he's not alone because its really a joint effort with everything I do around the house and with the kids. Being a housewife does not mean maid, kept woman.. you know all those terms " they " like to throw out.. its so much more. There are days that are easier than others but I stay really busy most of the time. I do get to mostly make up my own schedule but that doesn't mean its not full. I have high respect for woman who work outside the home but for me.. my choice is home. I like being here when Jackson gets out of school.. if I worked outside the house, I am sure I wouldn't be able to keep up with things like I do now. Our family is a lot of work! I am not one of those woman who sit around and dream of a 9-5 work life. I had that before and I don't really want to go back to it. I do see myself taking a part time job when the right position comes my way but again.. its not my focus. The summers are the busiest time of the year for us with all the kids. With 3 kids under 11 there is no way I could leave and work through the summer unless it was at night after husby got home. And I really don't want to loose my time with him. So home is where I belong! I am in deed , a very happy housewife and I wouldn't want it any other way! 

Have a beautiful night!

K Jaggers
3 comments on "A-Z Challenge [ H is for Happy Housewife ]"
  1. SOOOOOO envious....hoping to be thankful for the exact same thing as soon as baby girl is born. XO

  2. I love that picture that was going around for a while where the housewife had opted to do nothing all day and the house was like a bombsite - and her hubby asked what happened, and she said, "You know when you asked what I do all day? Well, today I didn't do it."

  3. @ Sessy.. Awwwww.. I hope it works that way too for you! I love being home!!

    @ Trish.. I know exactly what picture you are talking about it.. and yes, it applies to me many days of the week!


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