Sunday, March 10, 2013


Late night hello..I hope you had a great Saturday. Things were pretty calm and normal around here. I did sleep pretty good. The kittens woke me up a few times through out the morning but I fell back to sleep really easily. Gabby really does a great job at caring for them. She didn't eat most of the day which bothered me but she did snack on some cheese. But right now she seems to be feeling a lot better. She has been wanting to pack the babies to a better spot but I keep stopping her from taking them out of the box! I actually caught her with one out of the box this evening!! Its so cute watching her pack them around! Jackson just wants to touch them but I won't let him. He needs to wait a couple of weeks before he started handling them. They are barely 2 days old. They are all smokey which is crazy! I will have some more pictures up on a weekend in review post later tomorrow. I really do love the kittens. Thats why we are just going to keep with the plan with the others. My vet said this doesn't happen often so hopefully next time things will go a little easier. I still need to update the kitty website but hopefully I can do that this weekend too. Somehow I have got to play super woman in the next few days. We are leaving Tuesday night which means..

[ Got to get house ready. ]

[ Need to go shopping for Brandon and the animals. ]

[ Get myself, Scott and Jackson Packed.......fun right? ]

[ Get the Gabby and the kittens stuffed packed. ]

[ I need to do my nails ]

[ I am trying to get some blog post done so they will pop up while I am gone and/or busy ]

[ My husband actually told me that he wants to go on date night Monday evening. He suggested ordering the boys a pizza and going and having a nice dinner... What????? So dinner out and shopping Monday evening. ]

[ I also need to do laundry ]

[ I have a stack of bills that have to be paid before we leave. ]

[ Scott wants me to make sure the DVR's are all set up before we head out too. ]

[ I got to finish writing things out for Brandon. ]

I am sure theres more too.. And it all has to be done by Tuesday Night. Wish me luck! I am not going to lie..I am happy that we are heading to where I want to move. It will be sad at times but I will love being there. I would be nice if I was packing the house up for our trip.. but I think it might help inspire my husband a little. We plan on going to the beach in the little bit of free time we will have.. and I hope we can maybe look at a couple houses too. Never know.. I would move tomorrow if he said we could. 

Time jumped up and now its 339am. Yikes! I haven't even taken my sleep meds yet. At least I can sleep in tomorrow and not wake up to my annoying alarm. I am thinking its about time because that crowing chicken really pisses me off! 

Time for bed. 


K Jaggers
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