Weekend in Review:

Monday, March 25, 2013

It was a busy weekend for us.. We had family coming in which meant.. lots to do before hand. I hate having the house messy to begin with but I wanted to really get it cleaned it up before they got here.. And that's exactly what I did. 

I also took off to do a little shopping..

But my boys did a little shopping of their own because it was my birthday Saturday!! 
 We had a great celebration. I thought it was so cute listening to Scott and Jackson get the table all set up and the candles lit on the cake! 

I had a great birthday thanks to wonderful family and friends...

Trina and Trent got in safe and sound.. it wasn't long before we were in the kitchen standing over a large stack of pictures reminiscing.

Beautiful Birthday Flowers from husby!

I got busy in the kitchen.. I made some really yummy pork chops..

but I will have a food diary up on youtube next week sometime. Scott had to work on Saturday but once he got home he got busy with making.. 


It was really good too! 


And it didn't take much to get me feeling really good too! 

 Here's Trina & Trent! 

and you might not have known.. but sangria goes great with.. 

 chocolate cake! Ha! Not really.. but I was smart enough to stop drinking before I got too tore up! 

It didn't take long before I was snuggling up with these adorable babies.. 

and since I wasn't so buzzed at this point.. I did take some yummy chocolate cake to bed too! 

Husby picked out a really good cake this year! 

It didn't take long to cuddle up with husby and 

start dreaming.. 

I woke up to a pretty quiet house Sunday Morning. Scott and I actually slept in but by 1030 we were up.. Trina and Trent went out to breakfast really early and then came back and enjoyed a nap.. which gave husby and I some time to have..


coffee together and read the paper. 

A little later we were having our last meal with Trina and Trent before they were to head back north. 

So of course it had to be 

And I got one of my favorite burgers..

The steak burger! I loved it..thank you Trina! 

So we hung out with Brandon for a while. Brandon will be heading back north in a few days to move home with his mom. He has a lot on his mind and its probably for the best. But she had to head back because she couldn't take off work.. 

Well yesterday totally sucked weather wise.. 


It was rainy and cold. 

As soon as we got back home.. I checked to make sure all the windows were closed and turned up the heat.. I got some hot coffee.. changed into 

something comfy and called it a day. 

Well we did have kitty time! They are really trying to walk now.. its so freaking cute! 

We did run out in the late evening for a couple of errands. I didn't really want to cook and Jackson wanted Burger King.. and that's exactly what he got! 

I did get the loaded tator tots.. 

and they were really good. 

Husby vegged out in front of the tv last night and I took that time to escape to a hot bath..

and actually took that time to make some calls. 

It wasn't long before I sound asleep in bed. 

I was dreaming before midnight. 

I did wake up to the sun shinning.. 


Its trying to warm up but its still pretty cold. 

Today I plan on taking it pretty easy.. I do have some cleaning and laundry to do. I also have a couple of projects I am working on too..I am actually liking the quiet house right now.. so I am just going to take it in and enjoy it!!

I hope your weekend was as full of happiness as ours was. It was a great weekend!! 


K Jaggers

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  1. wow! lovely post..
    Have you entered for my giveaway?

  2. I love making homemade sangria because you can include what you want- its perfect in the summer!



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