Tuesday, March 26, 2013

I'm sleepy tonight. I am shocked that I have been falling asleep at a pretty decent time here lately. I just need sleep and my body knows it. Thankfully my husband knows it too and is taking Jackson to school tomorrow morning for me! (:  Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! I hate mornings and he is so much happier than I am.. and honestly prefers Scott taking him to school instead because I am normally pretty grumpy and have been told I am more like a drill Sargent in the am. Its my job to get Jackson out of the door and in the car ON TIME and sometimes that takes me being a little stern! So husby is off tomorrow.. Brandon moves out tomorrow and heads back up north to his moms. He wants to find a job and get in school, which I think will be good for him. Scott wants to be here to make sure his car is up for the trip....and help him get it packed up and such. It will be sad but I think he will be happier at home with his mom. I don't know what we are doing the rest of the day. I thought about hauling husby out to do some shopping and go by some antique stores.. but who knows if he will want to do that or not! I'm sorry I didn't get the Monday Makeup Post done or a Monday Movie Review Post up today. I just didn't have the time but I will get back to normal soon! And who knows.. I might still get them up this week.. never know. 

Time for sleep.


K Jaggers
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