Monday, March 4, 2013

Its been a looooong day for me. I am finally happily home for the night and I will not be going back out. Thank God. I could blog for hours about how bad the traffic was today and then the trying on of dresses after dresses.. suits.. dress suits.. pant suits.. it was exhausting. I have some suits I like but I really wanted to get something a little warmer because I freeze all the time. 

After many hours.. this is what I settled on.. 

I got this grey dress suit.. I like the jacket. .however the sleeves are little bit long on me but I can neatly tuck them under and 

The dress is sleeveless and fits nice.. 

Then I got this conservative black dress to wear.. 

But wish I had bought new sweater too now but I have lots of sweaters. I think when the time comes and he does leave us, its going to be a big deal. I think there will many different services for Mr. Jaggers so I better have a lot of clothing choices. I have another pant suit I am taking along with another dress too. I am only taking black and grey heels besides a pair of Nikes... well thinking about it.. I might take a pair of sandals too. Anyway.. with the driving and shopping it took about 4 hours. I really did hate it. I looked like shit roaming around sorting through clothes. I didn't like most things I tried on. My arms got so tired from carrying things to the dressing room over and over. Plus I am feeling under the weather today which made it only worse. And so far he is hanging on and no one understands why. But maybe we won't have to go for a while and he will better. Keep praying. 

Jackson got home before I did so on the way home I picked us up some food from a diner by the college. 

Jackson wanted a cheeseburger and I got..

a club which was really good !

Look at how big it was..I still have a lot left too. Clearly I am not cooking tonight. I told both Scott and Brandon to pick up what they wanted on the way home. 

I am so behind on EVERYTHING. The house is a mess.. I haven't packed anything today. I needed to make a video/post  for the next giveaway but there is no way in hell I am doing that today. I also don't know if I will get both a movie and beauty review up today either. I am going to try but its probably just not going to happen. sorry. Sometimes life takes over and doesn't want to cooperate with my schedule. ): Ohhh.. mom made it to Florida safely so happy about that. (:

I have a bunch of stuff I need to try to do around the house in the next few hours too. I have a ton of laundry to put up.. I need to pick up the kitchen.. help Jackson with homework..and pack a little. Plus I am still on kitty watch and now Gypsy is not feeling very well. Scott and I are close to looking into pet insurance for all these animals we have. Have any of you guys ever used it?? I don' t know how it works but we are checking into it. 

Well the house is waiting.. 

I will be back later. have a great evening! 

K Jaggers

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