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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Evening Friends! I hope you all are enjoying a beautiful day with your family. That's exactly what I have been doing most of the day too! Its been nice relaxing and hanging out with Scott and the boys. Scott and Jackson did go run some errands but now they are back and waiting on me to get up and fix some dinner! Its pasta night in the Jaggers house so its going to be a super yummy dinner! (: However they are going to wait a while until I feel like cooking. Just not in a huge hurry to do anything right now. I just folded a massive amount of laundry and now I am enjoying watching some tv. I am really sick of being stuck indoors.. it needs to warm up so we can get out and enjoy the day in the sunshine... because this weather SUCKS!!

Scott is house hunting on another computer right beside of me. I keep wanting a smaller cheaper house and he is looking at bigger and more expensive. Wow.. this isn't going to be easy. I don't know what he is thinking but bigger is not the idea! He just said.. 4 full bathrooms. WHAT? We have 3 here and that's a little much for me to keep up with. But.. who knows what we will find. Good thing is we won't be doing any moving until around May.

Well each sentence has took me about 5 minutes to write! Sooooo much going on around here tonight.. but I will be back later!

Have a beautiful Sunday Night.


K Jaggers

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