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Sunday, March 31, 2013


It happened again.. I was walking into CVS to get Easter supplies and my phone just tumbled out of my hand. Can you believe it.. It was the replacement phone for the last phone that broke. I had only had this phone for a week or so.. and it took FOREVER to set up. Sooooooooo.. I can't get to any of my numbers so if you are trying to reach me call Jackson or Scott's phone. Or you can always get to me on any of my social media. However, without the phone..it might take me a little longer to notice a new email or tweet. I can't believe I did that. I am going to have to get a case asap. I almost got the iphone5 today but I am just nervous about switching over. I am an android/pc girl and I am just not sure about switching over.. so I didn't. 

Tonight was a nice night at home with the boys.Jackson was still not feeling too good from the eye Dr. Those drops really bothered him.. for a couple of days now. I am hoping that tomorrow he will feel better. He was laughing and cutting up in the night hours but when hes not feeling good.. I don't feel good. He should have his new glasses Wednesday or Thursday.. and then we will have to deal with headaches and sore eyes while he is adjusting to the new lens. I am shocked his eyes are so bad. I have really good vision.. guess that comes from his dad. He's so cute but boy.. I have some mommy post coming up.. Let me tell you.. Thanks to Cops and Google.. my son is fully educated on shit he shouldn't be. He said something to me in the car the other day that almost made me wreck.. and it was all thanks to Cops & Google. My first sentence was " Have we not talked about watching Cops and staying off Google??? " And that's just one example. There are many. 

And speaking of tonight.. there were a couple moments of drama.. I got unfriended on fb today by someone who is mad at me.. Instead of trying to point blame.. I think they need to seriously need to look at their own lives. It kinda made me sad.. until Scott reminded me that it really doesn't matter.There has been a lot of lies told and ignored... but enough is enough. Unhappy people never want to see others happy. Never. It still hurts though. I didn't deserve it. ): But life will go on.

In just a few minutes I am going to go play Easter Bunny and get Jackson's Easter basket out on the kitchen table for morning. His basket is huge.. and I seriously don't want him having all that candy so I am going to make him share with Scott and I. I wanted to do just a big family basket but I didn't want to hurt his feelings. But he has to share! 

I hope you guys have a wonderful Easter!


K Jaggers
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