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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Hello friends. I wanted to take a few minutes before I go to bed and let you know that Gabby and the 3 kittens are all doing great....right here beside me. When I say beside me.. the kitten box is right up against my bed. Its been a hell of a day. I have only had about 2 hours of sleep total and in just  a few minutes.. I plan on changing that. 

Things were crazy around here today. I am not even going to get into it all but nothing felt right. Everything was a hectic and crazy..with a lot of hard decisions. Then tonight once I got home about 5 I slept until 7 when husby got home. Around the house everything was out of order and a mess. I didn't cook anything.. I let everyone find something on their own to eat and I didn't feel bad about it at all. If 3 boys can't find something to eat in a kitchen full of food then they can just go hungry. 

Scott and I laid in bed and watched tv for a couple of hours. It was funny.. At parts I was dozing off.. then he would doze off.. then we would both wake back up and finally his snoring so go loud.. I booted him out of the bedroom and he is sleeping like a baby in the spare bedroom.. I can hear him! I wish I was snoring like a bear right now but its still hard for me to go to sleep. But I don't think I can fight it much longer. I bet a good nights sleep with do both husby and I wonders. 

Gabby is doing well. The kittens are doing well. As I said this is her last litter. I might end up keeping one of the babies just because of that. I am not sure yet but one thing I do know is they are all smokey! I don't know the sexes because I wanted to give them a couple of days with Gabby before I really bother them. All the other cats are going crazy to get in here and see them but not until they are older. Gabby does have stitches and has to go back in a couple of weeks to get them removed. I did make a video eariler that I will get uploaded tomorrow sometime. I am so happy they are all doing well. I seriously love my family and friends because during this time they all were as loving and supportive.  

Also today I got a BIG shipment of tea in and I think I will work on that video and post and have it go live when we are in Florida next week. I am going to try my  best over the weekend to get some ready. Of course on the day we put Mr. Jaggers to rest ( formally ) I plan on having a day of silence in his honor. I will be blogging and taking pictures while I am in Florida but not during any of the private moments...family only. 

Well I am off to bed. I will talk to you guys really soon. 


K Jaggers

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