Friday, March 1, 2013

Hellooo! I hope you had a great Thursday! It was a pretty good day for me. Nothing really eventful happened but it was still a pretty good day. It was hard for me to get motivated this morning and I did doze back off for a while. I was back awake by 1130 am. 

I worked on emails for a long while... and Gabby has been staying really close to me.. 

She's getting soooooo big! 

I watched the Jodi Arias trial for hours on end. It was pretty exhausting to be honest but I am hooked. I don't know what to think at this point but I don't think they are going to give her the death penalty. I just don't think that will happen. I finally HAD to get up and do some shopping. I should have stayed out longer but I was freezing. 

I had a t shirt and sweater on.. 


and it was just not enough. Leave it to me to not dress warm enough when I had to pump $40 in gas. It totally sucked. 

Then I ran and got some of the much needed items .. 


and then I head to get some dinner. 


Scott and Jackson suggested KFC and we got a bunch of it...


We all ate well and then lounged around watching American Idol. 

I came upstairs to take a hot bath and relax but my wonderful husband sucked up all the hot water so I had to wait.. I used that time wisely.. 

sorted some crazy paperwork! 

Then I soaked in the hot bath and came out and now laying here with Gabby 

trying to figure out what tomorrow holds. Probably more of the Jodi Arias trial and I also have to go back to the market and get some food for us this time. I mainly got food for the animals tonight. I hurried home and got the fireplace going and tried to warm up. WHERE IS SPRING!????

Well its late... I have to be up early to get Jackson to school. Thank God its Friday.. which means NO ALARM CLOCK FOR 2 DAYS! Gotta love that! 

We are still on kitten watch!! Gabby is huge. This morning it was like I was watching some kind of horror movie.. The babies were stretching and moving all around. It was crazy! She's moaning a lot too.. I know she is starting to feel uncomfortable...and we are getting ready! 

I hope you have a great morning.. talk to you when I get up! 


K Jaggers
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