Thursday, March 28, 2013

Ha! I am not spilling the coffee this morning! I hope you all are getting a great start to your day. Its bright and sunny around here.. I slept great last night and woke up about 830 and have been up since. It does feel pretty good getting on somewhat a normal schedule. I thought since its spring break for Jackson that I would sleep in more today but it just didn't happen. I don't want to stay up too late and get all screwed up again ( sleep wise ) so I am just trying to go along with what my body wants. 

Not much is going on around here. We have a bunch of adorable kitty cats who are getting their excersise this morning! 

Adorable huh!? I can't wait for them to get a little bigger but you can already see their personalities! We have 2 boys and 1 girl in this litter and the little guy above.. well, hes my favorite! I might just have to keep him! 

Its only 1030 and I already have a few of the windows open. Its suppose to be warmer today.. 56.. which makes me very happy. I also have the oven self cleaning and that really makes it hot in the house. I love the self clean option however it doesn't really clean the inside of the door that well so I think I will run to the dollar store and get some of the oven cleaner spray. I also need paper towels and dishwasher soap too.. so yea.. gotta run out later.. BUT..I am not going into CVS! I was putting up some of the new stuff I got yesterday ( this haul ) and came to the conclusion that I have so much makeup that I need to use more. I am going to try to slow down with shopping though. But you guys know me.. I love my CVS but I am going to try to tone down the shopping and focus on reviews and such.. 

Today I am hoping to not only get some household things done and also get a couple of videos done. I need to take some extra time with Jackson over the next few days too. Otherwise he will go stir crazy staying in the house. I was thinking maybe Chuckie Cheese this weekend. 

Hope you have a wonderful day! I have some posts already done that will be popping up really soon! 


K Jaggers
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