Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Good Morning Friends. I hope you are having a beautiful morning. I just finishing getting Jackson up and out to school and now I am back home trying to decide to stay up or get a few more hours of sleep. I have a few home projects I might just get up and start but I also might fall back to sleep for a while. I'm still pretty tired right now. 

So we are back from Florida. It was a really sad and stressful few days. I did get some pictures while we were down there.. mainly of food in restaurants and such..and I will try to get them up soon. I didn't even take my camera out for any of the memorial and I don't even think I got a picture of Scotts step mom. It was just not a appropriate time to snap pictures. Once we got home the other night.. we were exhausted and faced with other challenges. Its been a crazy few days but I am hoping that all gets well and things get a little normal around our home. Last night I spent the majority of my time unpacking and cleaning. I still have a lot to do including some shopping today. 

When we got home the other night.. Jackson was really sick. He even slept on the cool bathroom for for hours yesterday. I was not only worried about what was wrong with him but he just lost 4 days in school and I couldn't send him in yesterday so he missed yet another day. I kept him full of cold medicine and today hes at school. If he is starts feeling bad, I am sure they will call me. He did look better this morning. 

I have a lot of  [ blogging ] stuff to catch up on including some new pictures/video of the kittens. We took them with us while we were in Florida and they did great. They are getting so big. Actually their eyes are still shut but any day they will start opening!! They are freaking adorable. 

Things haven't been so easy the past few days.. but we are going to move forward and just face each day as it comes. I have already got a few emails asking what is going on with us.. truth is.. families are complex and stressful at times. But we are strong and have a new day. 

I'll talk to you guys soon. Have a wonderful Tuesday. Ohhh.. I do have a quick haul that I will be posting soon. I was suppose to get up while we were in Florida but I didn't.. Stay tuned for that video. 

Ohhh.. and on the way home from our trip.. my phone broke. It won't work at all. Plus Jackson forgot his phone with my mom. I called Sunday night and they are sending a phone which hopefully will be here in the next few days. But in the meantime I have my husbands phone. I don't have all the normal phone numbers.. so if you need to get a hold of me send me an email or fb message with your # in it and I can call back. That also means no instagram ..again.. hopefully things will get back to normal really soon.


K Jaggers
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