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Monday, March 4, 2013

Morning Friends. I hope you all are waking up and starting your day. It sucks doesn't it? It was freezing cold outside this morning and staying in bed just sounds like a better plan. I got up and got Jackson to school.. got all the animals fed and now I am thinking about going back to bed for a while. I really should be doing so much other stuff besides sleeping but I am sleepy as hell. I figure I will be better off through out the day if I just get a couple more hours of sleep. Idk.. but I am not ready to be up. 

Scotts dad did make it through the night. I guess its just not time yet. None of us ever knows when our last breath is coming. I just hope he is comfortable and feels how much he is loved. It is kinda hard dealing with a loved one in this stage of their life. Minute to minute things change.. and we have no idea what is going to happen. Please just keep him in your prayers. 

My  mom is flying down to Florida in just a few hours. She is housesitting and babysitting for a week. It will work out well if we have to go then she can watch Jackson. But right now, we are still home. I do plan on still going shopping later but like I said.. I am sleepy and not ready to do anything yet.

I hope you all are starting your day early and doing much better at it than I am! 

Have a great Monday. 


K Jaggers

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