Monday... YUCK!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Hello.. welcome to Monday. YUCK! I just got back from a parent teacher conference at Jackson's school. Thankfully everything went great and she had nothing but nice things to say. YEA!!! Let me tell you.. I had the appointment for 1pm.. I woke up early.. got Jackson to school and then came back and dozed off. I had my alarm set just in case and I ended up not hearing it.. and waking up 15 minutes before it was time to leave! So I rushed around.. did as much to myself that I could and out the door I went. I hate starting off in a hurry like that. Really if my ass would have stayed up I would have never been so close to being late. 

But now that I am back home and awake.. I have a bunch of stuff to do. I have to start packing and get everything as ready as possible. We are leaving for Florida tomorrow night so I have to get it all done.. very fast. Thankfully we already have our dress clothes ready but I need to go hunt in my closet for some comfy warmer weather clothes. I am thinking capris and such. Its going to be in the high 70's . Thank goodness. Again.. I am going to be very one happy woman leaving and coming home. I think I am going to take the time down there to try to talk him into moving! Never know.. I might just get lucky! 

Well I have lots to do.. and I will be back when I can! 


K Jaggers


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  1. I extremely hate this Monday. The time change might be accountable for this. I could not sleep until 2 last night! It was a horrible feeling -_-



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