Wednesday, March 27, 2013

This morning is not starting out as well as I had hoped. It is freezing outside and I also spilled coffee everywhere in the kitchen this morning. SHIT!!!!! I did my best to get it cleaned up while I was basically sleep walking and Jackson helped but its still a sticky mess. I wiped everything down and in just a little while, I need to mop otherwise its going to stay sticky. Gosh.. that sure didn't help things. We were trying to get out of the door on time and it just slipped out of my hands. Thank goodness the drop didn't shatter the cup but its just wasn't the way I wanted to start today. ): I guess I made more work for myself today. Thankfully I got Jackson to school on time.. HAPPY HAPPY that today is the last day for a I am just going to take this morning easy. I am blogging from bed right now.. and yes, there is another cup of coffee next to me on the coffee table which has not spilled.. yet! I am thinking today might be perfect for me to go back to sleep for a while. Why not!? Clearly today hasn't started off so well. And its freezing outside. I think the high for today is suppose to be around 53. Guess that's getting a little better. Jackson asked today why they call it - Spring Break - when its still freezing outside. Good point huh? I know we don't have to deal with the cold as much as some other friends but I still want it warmer! 

Well I am going to figure out if I am going back to dreamland or not.. and finish this cup of coffee! (: 

Be back soon! 


K Jaggers

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