Lost Florida Pictures!

Monday, March 25, 2013
As you guys know.. My phone broke on the way home from Florida. Seriously.. in the car driving back, it seriously would not work. I had a bunch of pictures that I thought I had lost. I use to use google + and it would automatically upload my photos there.. but it did it all the time.. but guess what I did do.. which I forgot!!!! I did the same with facebook. I had it where the pictures were synced with my facebook acct in a private album. I forgot all about it until a few days after we were home.. Soooo happy that my pictures were not lost! You might have already seen a few of these but 99% of them were on that broken phone! (:

Thank you facebook! Hope you enjoy! 

We stayed at the Hampton in Largo.. 

Lunch with Mom, Laci, & Don..

That drink about kicked my ass.. had to give it to husby to drink because it was wayyyyyyy too strong! 

OH MY.. this was so good! 

Husby had fish tacos... as always! 

Sammy joined us too! 

Largo @ night..

But look at it during the day! BEAUTIFUL! 

Here is Fairway..who I ALWAYS call Freeway.. and she doesn't mind! She actually looks pretty evil with those eyes! 

Marjorie and I went and had our nails and toes done!!

Then we did some shopping at Sams.. Marjorie is the skinny minnie in the black! 

Here's the library I used many times that was right across from the hotel. 

It has a park right in front of it.. 

and its actually one of the nicest parks I have ever been in. I love it! 


Florida was amazing.. 

We picked Jackson up from mom and Don and had lunch....again.. but this time at..

I had a simple cheeseburger.. 

Scott had grouper.. 

But really I loved the beach! 





Our trip was marked with sadness for the funeral but we did have moments of peace and relaxation too. I loved it there.. and one day I hope to return.. for good.


K Jaggers
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  1. Found you via Mom's Monday Mingle @ The Naptime Review. Love the beach shots, I love your fluffy cat and thank God for Facebook!

    Now following you. Feel free to swing on by anytime. Have a super blessed day!


  2. @ Carrie.. thanks for stopping by! I am following you back now! Have a great Easter!


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