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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

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Hellooooo! I hope you had a great day! It was pretty nice around here having Scott home. It was bitter sweet because Brandon headed North today and is now back with his mom. That happened early.. It wasn't long after Brandon took off that husby was back in the bed napping. Can't say I didn't blame him because he got up early on his day off and took Jackson to school.......which I was totally thankful for. Speaking of Jackson and school, tomorrow is his last day! His spring break is starting and he is super happy about not having to go to school for a long while! I will be thrilled not having to wake up to the sound of an alarm clock. Actually I am so tired right now that I might even come back home tomorrow and go to sleep for a while.

I have a couple of things left to do before I can go to bed :

Make the coffee for morning ( A Must! ) 
Get Grapefruit ready for breakfast ( My grandmas yummy recipe! ) 
Get socks out for Jackson ( A Pain in the Ass ) 
Feed the cats ( Otherwise they would keep me up all night! ) 
Sign Jacksons school paperwork ( Its only about a week late! ) 
Find Car Keys ( Makes mornings much easier to get them found the night before! )
Turn the dryer on ( So the clothes and finish drying while we are dreaming! ) 
Send Brittany her morning text message ( Just to make her smile when she wakes up! ) 
Shut the blinds in the bedroom ( Can't have the sun waking me up early! ) 
Kiss My husband Goodnight ( And he gives great kisses! ) 
Blow out the candles ( Safety First! ) 
Pray ( Always Pray )

I plan on really cleaning up the living room well. ( It gets messy so fast! )
I seriously need to brush out the kitty cats ( Otherwise they will mat )
Spare bed room on the first floor ( Make Bed and dust )
Oven ( going to let it clean itself while I work on other things around the house )
File Loose paperwork ( We get so much.. maybe its time to think of a shredder? )
Go over paypall account ( needed for advertisers )
Quick Manicure ( Going for a mint green color! )

Upcoming Household Projects

Get laundry room cleaned and organized ( HUGE JOB )
Clean out under kitchen sink ( Total Mess )
Get Garage Cleaned up ( OMG.. its awful and scary out there! )
Get rid of shit we don't use anymore ( which is a TON of random stuff )
Find a new desk ( checking at consignment stores to save! )
Get all the cobwebs down ( They just suddenly started appearing.. yuck! )
Get DVR's cleaned up ( Another big job! )
Clean up the back deck ( If I keep pushing for spring, maybe it will come faster )
Totally organize my bedroom closet ( Lots of stuff to be donated and thrown out. )
Look for a new desk chair ( I broke my last one.. and desperatly need another.. been using one of the dining room chairs.. which sucks! )
The kitchen pantry also needs cleaned out ( Husby and Kids wreck it EVERY DAY! )


First off... I don't know what the hell is going on with Blogger.. but I have had all kinds of problems the last few days. ( Totally pisses me off )

I don't know a date but in the coming months I plan on doing a new design.. ( Hard to decide! )

Have you noticed the new Pinterest buttons over the pictures on here now!? ( Feel free to pin anything you like! (:  )
Also I am going to start doing some advertising.. Its not a easy decision but I think its time.. so I am going to start offering sponsor slots.. You can check out all the information and prices right here!! ( Thanks Blogger for not putting the link in the right place... working on fixing it. ) I doubt that it will really start happening until May but maybe sooner. I need to update paypal or go buy that square thing that fits on my phone.. which would work great with kitty sales too. Hummmmmm... and then I will start filling up slots. You can always email me @ mrskishajaggers@gmail.com if you have other questions or want to go ahead and sign up! But I am working on it!

  Upcoming Posts:
 Lots of new reviews
A new baking series for bread
He Said - She Said
Normal linkups
Easter Crafts and Recipes
Getting back to monthly Married Life Posts
Mommy Confessions
Ask the Housewife


I am really trying to find the perfect video editing software.. any recommendations?  ( not apple please! ) 

I also want to get a new microphone ( for better audio with voice overs... again suggestions?  ) 

Upcoming Videos
Fashion Haul
Updated skin care routine
New Baking Series ( Basic Breads ) 
Spring Tag! 
Product - Regrets/Empties
Mini Tea Reviews
First Impressions of some new products
More kitty Videos

Behind On
Reviews ( so going to try to work on some this weekend )
Responding to comments ( Super Sorry.. I love hearing from you guys but I have been super busy. Will work on responding back the next few days.
Sunday Social ( Got to get back in the groove of things! )

Who the hell am I kidding??? I am behind on Everything but I am trying to catch up! 

Hopefully now that we are back from Florida, we can get things a little more normal around here. With Brandon moving back with his mom.. there are only 3 of us here until the other little kids get out of school. So hopefully that will give us the chance we all need around here to get things back in order and running smoothly. And just when we get use to it.. we will get 2 more kids! Hahahaha! Actually Jackson is probably flying to his dads and spending a month. But he can't spend the entire summer because its never easy getting us all together at the same time.. and then try to fit in a visit from the big kids at the same time is just as complicated.. but we are going to do it!! And maybe even move houses all at the same time! Our schedule is always so crazy. I still want to move to Florida and I am thinking that it might just happen. Positive thinking at its best!

Well I need to finish things up and get to sleep!

Have a great Wednesday! 

K Jaggers
5 comments on "? Lists ? [ Looooong Post ]"
  1. Hi visiting from the Doing Well blog hop. I smiled about not having to get up during the spring break. I remember that feeling when my children was young.Hope you enjoy that special time together.

  2. I love lists! I always make my own at least 2 days ahead :)

  3. I'm so glad I found your blog, love it!

  4. @ Margaret.. Thanks for the sweet comment. I am sure we will enjoy sleeping in everyday.. but I wish it was warm for spring break! Hope you have a wonderful Easter!

    @ Ren I am always working days ahead too.. its the only thing that helps me manage all the things going on. But still can't switch over to all electronic!

    @ Ashley.. Thanks so much! Feel free to come back anytime! (: Happy Easter!

  5. Visiting you from DYWW blog hop. I followed on you on GFC. I am getting ready for Spring Break!! We are going where it's warm. I can't wait to have time to come back and read for a while.



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