Lazy Day...Productive Night..

Monday, March 4, 2013

Soon I will be drifting off to sleep. I feel pretty tired and I have to be up early tomorrow. I seriously hate waking up to an alarm clock. I feel its like entrapment or something. I hate it and I long for summer when we are alarm free! I pretty much sat around and did absolutely nothing except drink coffee, talk with Scott and Jackson, play with the cats and watch tv for the better part of the afternoon. I finally got motivated in the evening hours. 

I got a ton of laundry done.. 

Its totally exhausting to do this much laundry in one day. It makes my arms tired and my folding starts to suck after doing a bunch.. 

but I really wanted to catch it all up. 

Scotts dad is still in bad shape. He told me it was time to start packing because the time is going to come that we have to leave..and its coming soon. I am still unsure of it all but I started trying on some of my dresses and suits. I also started.. 

packing a few items. I am pretty much stuck packing for 3 of us and hopefully a cat. So its a big job and if he gets the call he wants to leave an hour or two later. Well.. that takes planning. So I have slowly been getting things ready to go though out the evening. I don't really have hardly anything packed yet.. but I have started. 

I did end up making a yummy yummy pasta dinner. 

I loved it. The boys loved it too! 

All day and night Scott and Jackson have been having fun! They laughed and talked up a storm today! It was cute watching and listening to them.. 

Jackson needed time with Scott and I actually think Scott 

 needed time with Jackson.. They both needed to have some fun and laugh. Jackson has been going to stir cray all day long! 

And husby is worried and upset about his dad so if he can get his mind on something else even for a few minutes it helps. 

We all were upstairs by 10. I got busy packing up a lot of makeup. 


Scott told me to plan on anything from 4 -6 days. So I am trying to pack everything I think we will need. I still need to work on makeup brushes and shower stuff but I can just use the makeup right out of the case until we have to leave.. and that way, I will know if I am forgetting anything. I also took off the grey polish I was wearing and put on something a little more simple. 


Essie Ballet Slippers. I also did my cuticles tonight too.. so they are looking much better. I don't think wearing anything too flashy if we have to go to a funeral is appropriate. I am still hoping things change and Mr. Jaggers recovers. But Scott was told tonight that they don't know if he will make it through the night or not. We are really on high alert. Scott is sleeping with his phone right beside of him and we are trying to prepare but there is a lot to do. I was busy writing Brandon notes tonight too. There are some serious rules to staying in our home alone. He's still young and Scott and I both are nervous about leaving him here. I am close to calling a friend to come stay too. Jackson will be going with us. So I have to pack for him too. Mom is flying to Florida about 10am. So if we do have to go.. Jackson can stay where she is so he doesn't have to endure the funeral. I think thats a lot for a 10 year old. 

I want to work on a lot of posts tomorrow but I think I am going to get up and go shopping for a new dress. I am afraid if I don't do it fast, I won't be able to do it. Who knows if I will find anything but I am going to try to leave about noon and see what I can find. When that phone call does eventually come in.. my husband is going to want to be out of here fast. So I have got to prepare now otherwise I will end up forgetting a lot of stuff. And packing for 3 for 4-6 days meanings a lot of stuff to get ready. And he was pretty serious when he said no about Gabby going. But I kept insisting that we take her and get a hotel. I think he might let her go.. but if not she is going to the Vet till we get back home. She is so big.. and we are also on high alert kitty watch. Any day they are going to be here. I hate traveling with her like this but I will do what I have to. I really just want her to have the kittens here like NOW and then we could travel with more ease.. just knowing the birth is over. I know I can keep the kittens warm and safe on a trip. But who know what is going to happen. This is all stressful not to mention sad. 

So tomorrow is going to be a busy day. I am going to do my very best to do some shopping.. film a giveaway.. pack.. work on more posts.. and try to clean up the house some. I will take pictures along the way and hopefully be able to catch up with you guys when I can. Ohh and even if we do leave.. I am sure I will still be blogging from afar. But, it probably won't be as much. 

Have a great Monday! 


K Jaggers
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