It's Ok Thursday!

Thursday, March 7, 2013
Its Ok Thursdays

Happy Thursday Friends! 

Its Ok that this week has been hard. We will make it through it.

 Its Ok that the last couple of mornings have been really hard to wake up. I hate mornings! 

Its ok that Wednesday was nothing like I expected. I thought Scott and I were going to have a great day at home but we seemed to run all day long. It was exhausting.

Its ok that the house is a mess. I plan on working on things around here for the next few days. It will be looking great in no time!

Its ok that Gabby still hasn't had her kittens. I have decided that if she has them before we have to leave for Florida.. I will take her. If not, I am thinking maybe the vet will be best. I hate saying that but I just want Gabby to be ok. Risking her giving birth in the car on the way down there just worries me.

Its ok that Wednesday afternoon I was faced with a horrible person. Instead of playing into their sick game.. I just shut it out of my mind and didn't worry about it.

Its ok that I am still sucked into the Jodi Arias trial. Guess that is the legal passion I have that my family tried to push me towards. Its still in me..I find it all fascinating. What do you think about that case?

Its ok that growing this bob out sucks. I am just going for it. I can't wait for it to get about 4-5 inches longer.

Its ok that I cheated on dinner last night. We all had Burger King..



Scott wanted pies too.. 

and it was really good! I just wasn't cooking tonight. I seriously need to get back in the kitchen.

Its ok my husband looked like he was going to kill me when I told him that maybe its time for new living room furniture. We can't decide on anything for the bedroom...but I am sure we could find another living room suit. I don't want a couch anymore. I want 2 chairs with a table in the middle and a couple of love seats.. He told me I had to wait 5 years. ):

Its ok that yesterday I went makeup free. I wanted to look better for my husband who was home all day but I didn't feel like doing it. I put on some BB Cream and went with it. 

Its ok for the last week of shortage of hot water. We don't know how it happened but it got turned way down. I have a feeling my husband was trying to be cheap and figured it.. we need it on high all the time.

I hope you have a great Thursday. 

K Jaggers

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