Friday Letters

Friday, March 29, 2013

Happy Friday! 

Dear Spring, where are you??? Its freezing here and I would so love it if you would just hurry up! 

Dear Kittens, You guys are so precious. I just can't stop holding and kissing you! 

Dear Jackson, You did great at the Eye Doctor yesterday! I'm happy happy that you are finally getting new glasses! You are going to look so cute! 

Dear Cooper, I hate to say it.. but you are getting really big and might need some more exercise and a better diet. It will be horrible on your hips. 

Dear CVS, I seriously need to move far away from any stores! I just spend way too much time and money searching for great deals and great makeup! 

Dear Shanna, Glad to know you are feeling better! Love ya! (:

Dear Scott, Are you ready to run away yet?? Last night is a great example why we should! 

Dear Brittany, Just because you are spending the night at a friends house.. doesn't mean you are not suppose to call your mom.. Big Talk Coming! 

Dear Asshole, Don't you dare try to say what I can or can't say! You know my own uncles tried telling me that.. ask them how that turned out. I say what I want.. When I want.. to who I want. End of Story! Your lie about me was enough for me.

Dear Romeo, I know you take your breeding job seriously but getting it on in front of Jackson is just not good. Go find a private spot for your love making! But you do make beautiful kittens. 

Dear Sangria, Boy.. you are sooooo yummy!!! But your hangovers are awful. 

Dear Magazines, I get so many of you for free now.. Its hard to keep up and read you!! But I am stacking you up and waiting for some precious reading time! 

Dear Dad, Your birthday was yesterday. I miss you so much. I honestly always knew that you would be a huge part of my life.... even when I was really young. I wish you were here everyday. I feel your spirit all the time.. I hear you in my head..and I miss you in my heart.Happy Birthday. Come see me in my dreams.

Dear Jackson, You picked out great glasses! Sorry your eyes felt so bad last night...but it was for the best. I love you. 

Dear Mom, Helloooooo... I love you.. and will call you later. 

Dear bloggy friends, Thank you guys for coming back day after day to share our life with us. My husband is always on here reading your comments.. This is a family blog and the entire family is on here a lot.. we love hearing from you and   

Happy Friday!

K Jaggers

2 comments on "Friday Letters"
  1. I love reading your Friday Letters on here they are so funny at times. I like the new blog design but the colors are hard to see. You need to change the pinkish/purple to a darker color on here. It is really hard to see them. But other then that love it.

  2. Too funny about CVS! There & target, an automatic $75+ trip :)

    New follower from FFF! Would love you to join our hop too at!

    Jamie & Kristen


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