Friday Letters!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Dear Scott, I love you. I hope you are having a good morning. Sorry about your dad. Your strong and we will get through this.

Dear Gabby, I find my self watching you like you are a ticking time bomb. When are the kittens going to get here!? I can’t wait!

Dear Brittany, I love talking to you in the monrings. You sound so sweet! Have a great day at school princess!

Dear Mr. Jaggers, I hope as you leave this world and head to the over side that you are filled with love and a lifetime of great memories. We love you and we just want you to be comfortable and remember how much we love and care about you. I promise Marjorie will be ok.

Dear Cold Weather, When are you going away. For some strange reason.. I thought NC wouldn’t have winters.. What a dumbass I am because its been freezing here for months! Hurry up Spring.

Dear Mom, If you are reading this before talking to me.. call me! I hope you are doing ok. I love and miss you.

Dear Mickey D Coffee, you are tasting wonderful this morning. Yummmmm!

Dear American Idol, For some reason, I am just not loving the contestants so far….which is kinda sad.

Dear Jodi Arias, I don’ t know what to think about you. I just can’t see why you would have to kill him in such a harsh way.. but I also don’t think you are a crazy killer either. Let me just say.. I wouldn’t be able to convict if I was on the jury. Right now I am wondering if you are going to get a hung jury anyway. I can’t imagine how hard their job is re this case. I really feel conflicted. 

Dear Zane, We are worried about you. I know things haven't been easy but remember that summer is coming soon! 

Dear Hair, You are always such a mess! I wish that you would just cooperate! 

Dear Readers, thank you so much for allowing us to invade your life a few times a day! You guys are amazing and I am so thankful for each and every one of you! 

Happy Friday! 

K Jaggers

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